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Marmite Advert — Marmite Mind Control Short Advert

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Marmite’s marketing over the last couple of years has centred around the idea of turning ‘Marmite haters’ into ‘Marmite lovers’ via hypnosis. It’s a funny idea, and most of the ads they’ve released on the theme have been reasonably entertaining.

This twenty second spot is short and sweet (or should that be ‘short and salty’?) and tells you everything you need to know. These people hate Marmite, they watch the hypnosis film, they love Marmite. Job done.

Like most of the other videos in this campaign, it’s a little underwhelming in terms of leveraging its strong core idea into consistently funny content. The neat soundbites might bring a smile to the face of some viewers, but we doubt this specific ad is getting many laughs.

We’ve written before about the importance of having a funny or interesting ‘midpoint’ in your video marketing. This ad does succeed on that count, at least — the ‘growl’ that’s precisely ten seconds into the video is just about amusing enough to justify its inclusion in our Funny Ads Archive, even if it’s not among our favourites.

We guess you could say we neither loved it, nor hated it.

This advert is part of Marmite’s Mind Control marketing campaign — you can read our analysis of the campaign, here.

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