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Pepsi – Okurrr (2019)

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If you have the right catchphrase, you can always monetize it.

This is what Cardi B does in this Pepsi commercial, saying her signature and catchy (but hard to say) catchphrase – Okurrr!

Bet you are trying to say it right now!

Don’t give up if you can’t say it right away. As the ad shows, it takes some practice – plus, it’s satisfying once you get it right.

You just have to let it roll off your tongue.

Pepsi is trying to one-up one of its biggest competitors – Coca Cola. So they bring in Cardi B as the big guns.

People usually drink Pepsi as an alternative to Coke, and Pepsi isn’t having it. If a restaurant is out of Coke, the waiters or waitresses usually ask, “Is Pepsi okay?”

However, Pepsi is more than okay – it’s okurrr!

So the next time you want a soda, remember that Pepsi is more than just the okay choice. It’s the okurrr choice.

Take it from Cardi B!

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