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Pringles – Sad Device (2019)

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The human experience is filled with many things that bring us joy… one of those things is flavor-stacking our Pringles!

Why settle for one flavor of Pringles in your mouth when you could have two… or three… or maybe even four?

In this funny commercial, we see one guy stacking his favorite Pringles flavors to create what he dubs the “spicy nacho stack.”

His friend asks him how many flavor stack combinations are there, and the Alexa-like smart speaker next to them responds with 318,000.

That’s a lot of combinations! Surely, anyone can find a flavor they like.

Realizing that it will never be able to taste a single flavor (let alone the thousands of combinations), the device has an existential crisis.

It laments that it has “no hands to stack with, no mouth to taste with, no soul to feel with.”

Before it gets too dark, one of the guys cuts the speaker off by asking it to play ‘Funky Town’ – no one likes a buzz kill!

The two humans immediately go back to stacking flavors.

And just like that – Pringles have made you grateful for both their existence and your own. At least that’s what they’re telling themselves.

Is flavour-stacking really a thing? Or do Pringles just want to find a way to make sure we get through more boxes in a single sitting? Maybe we’ll never know.