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PepsiCo – Michael Bublé vs Bubly Sparkling Water (2019)

According to PepsCo’s vice president, Stacy Taffet, sparkling water fans are loving their new brand, Bubly. However, they’re pronouncing it as Bublé, and the company wants to set the record straight – with the help of Michael Bublé! The hilarious commercial starts with Bublé walking into a convenience store to grab some Bubly, thinking they have named the drink after him. (A reference to how people have been pronouncing it.) While grabbing the beverage he

Bridgestone Golf Tour B SplitScreen (2019)

Synopsis Tiger Woods golf balls are supplied and provided Bridgestone. Here he explains why the golf balls the pros use, may not be the best ball for everyone, with the help of sports impressionist Conor Moore. Review I followed Irish impressionist Conor Moore’s career online for a few years now and his repertoire, particularly golfers is quite impressive which has led to involve with NBC in the US and The Golf Channel. Conor’s Tiger Woods

Pepsi – Okurrr (2019)

If you have the right catchphrase, you can always monetize it. This is what Cardi B does in this Pepsi commercial, saying her signature and catchy (but hard to say) catchphrase – Okurrr! Bet you are trying to say it right now! Don’t give up if you can’t say it right away. As the ad shows, it takes some practice – plus, it’s satisfying once you get it right. You just have to let it

Funny Advert - Amazon Alexa Not Everything Makes The Cut - Harrison Ford, Forrest Whittaker, 2019

Amazon Alexa – Not Everything Makes The Cut (2019)

Amazon is currently positioning itself as an innovator – and they want us to know that every single product they release is thoroughly tested, and fit for purpose. In this advert they do that by “admitting” that there were some experiments along the way that didn’t quite go to plan. An Alexa-collar for dogs (that enabled them to order products for themselves, without their owner’s permission). A toothbrush that plays your podcasts (although only your

Funny advert - Deliveroo - Bottomless Bag

Deliveroo – The Bottomless Bag (2019)

Deliveroo lets you order takeaway meals from pretty much any restaurant. The ‘Key Message’ in play is that with so many different meals on offer, it’s easy to find something for everyone. This key message is then exagerrated – as our main character dishes out more meals than could have possibly ever been inside that one small Deliveroo bag. The escalations continue, as more family, and friends, and even a football team all pile in

Funny Finance Tech FinTech Advert - You Make Monzo, Monzo - 2019

Monzo – You Make Monzo, Monzo (2019)

Lo and behold, yet another Ad that gets a life simply by exaggerating the benefits. But they also use another great technique: make your brand the answer (to a relatable problem). Every single scene in this Ad features a problem we can all relate to, and show’s Monzo solving it (in an exaggerated way, of course). They’ve also worked in some great visual touches that raise a smile, too – the guy in a shop

Funny FinTech Advert - Clear - Things of the Past 2019

Clear – Things Of The Past (2019)

Clear’s technology allows us to use biometric data in place of our credit cards and our ID – and their early Ads have all focused on how much hassle it is standing in line and paying for things the traditional way. Those Ads weren’t overly persuasive – mostly, I think, because they were trying to paint something most of us don’t really care about as a “huge problem” that needs to be solved. This latest

Funny Advert - Nationwide PayDay SaveDay Money Problems Maisie Adam 2019

Nationwide – PayDay SaveDay: Money Problems (2019)

“I’m a big fan of the recent stand up ads for Nationwide” says Anna Mansell. “For what is ostensibly one of the most boring products most of us have to use, at least this way, we’re reminded because it might have made us laugh, as opposed to because we’re raging about the old Halifax man ads from the 1990’s. (That said, the later ads that parodied Ghostbusters did make me smile… I mean, Ghostbusters!)” This is

Funny Advert - Virgin Media Unlimiting - Broadband, Internet, Tech, 2019

Virgin Media – Unlimiting (2019)

“I love the current Virgin media ad with bus driving off the cliff.” says Lee Thomas. “The timing of ‘Sadly he couldn’t fly’ is genius.” This advert made it into our list of the 50 best commercials ever.

Funny Advert - Innocent Smoothies - Duncan from Blue 2019

Innocent Blue Drink – Duncan From Blue (2019)

The Innocent Blue Drink advert starring Duncan from Blue In 2019, Innocent Drinks launched their Bolt from the Blue juice. Sure, it’s ‘high in vitamins b1, b2, b3 and b6 which contribute to normal energy yielding metabolism and vitamin C which can help reduce tiredness and fatigue’ and so on. It tastes like apples, coconut water and joy. But let’s be real — this drink’s main selling point is the fact it’s blue. A blue

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