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Deliveroo – The Bottomless Bag (2019)

Funny advert - Deliveroo - Bottomless Bag
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Deliveroo lets you order takeaway meals from pretty much any restaurant.

The ‘Key Message’ in play is that with so many different meals on offer, it’s easy to find something for everyone.

This key message is then exagerrated – as our main character dishes out more meals than could have possibly ever been inside that one small Deliveroo bag.

The escalations continue, as more family, and friends, and even a football team all pile in – and are all fed.

The exaggeration is then kicked into overdrive for one final time at the end – as mum dives inside the bag, which clearly has more room in it than Mary Poppins’ – to grab the final dish.

The advert actually landed Deliveroo in trouble – however – as it was banned by the Advertising Standards Agency for being misleading.

The issue wasn’t that it was suggesting the mum in the piece really can climb inside the delivery bag like a modern day Mary Poppins – it’s that it gave the impression you could order 20 things from 20 different restaurants and get them all delivered at once – and it turns out that’s not the case.

This funny advert is one of the best in history – at least, according to us.