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Clear – Things Of The Past (2019)

Funny FinTech Advert - Clear - Things of the Past 2019
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Clear’s technology allows us to use biometric data in place of our credit cards and our ID – and their early Ads have all focused on how much hassle it is standing in line and paying for things the traditional way. Those Ads weren’t overly persuasive – mostly, I think, because they were trying to paint something most of us don’t really care about as a “huge problem” that needs to be solved.

This latest Ad, though, is so much simpler. They’ve taken their USP (the fact that with Clear, you don’t need to carry a wallet around) – and they’ve exaggerated the benefits. So much so that here, we find the wallet in a museum alongside other “historic relics”.

It’s simple. it’s funny. It ties in with Clear’s core message, and it doesn’t pitch us a problem that we’re going to disagree with.

If I had one criticism, I’d say that the list of other “relics” was a missed opportunity for extra jokes. If I had two, I’d say they could’ve also done with a “kicker” joke at the end, after the “pitch” section – to help us forget that we’re watching an advert and we’ve just been sold to.

But the fact that they’re even trying humour in the FinTech space is great – and we’re sure it’ll pay off.