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Devour – Food Porn (2019)

[embedyt][/embedyt] Porn addiction is real – and it can have a serious impact on your relationship. According to this

Avocados From Mexico – Top Dog (2019)

[embedyt] [/embedyt] When you combine comedy, dogs and celebrities – there can be a very fine between funny commercial and

McDonald’s – Eggs (2019)

[embedyt] [/embedyt] McDonald’s has put out several ads with the basic message: ‘Our eggs are real, damn it!’ It’s clearly

McDonald’s – We Could (2019)

[embedyt] [/embedyt] When it comes to advertising their no-nonsense McCafé coffee, McDonald’s have historically never been afraid to take the

Compare the Market – Keep Life Simples (2019)

[embedyt] [/embedyt] Synopsis Sergei is driving Alexandr in a swanky new car. There’s a communication mix-up and Sergei thinks that