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Devour – Food Porn (2019)

Porn addiction is real – and it can have a serious impact on your relationship. According to this advert – food porn addiction can be just as big an issue. Especially frozen food porn. We see a girlfriend who is struggling with her boyfriend’s addiction to frozen food. He is never satisfied – if he is not eating it, he is either watching or reading about it or sniffing it. The Ad makes amusing use

McDonalds – Saver Menu – Rubber Glove (2019)

Synopsis This twenty-second ad consists of a single visual gag. We imagine the treatment looked something like: Close up of mum putting on daughter’s swimming cap. Pull out to reveal it’s a rubber glove as she didn’t have time to find swimming cap. Review It’s simple but effective, and bound to get a laugh of recognition from parents with swimmer children everywhere. Ironic that McDonalds have used the same Ads two years in a row

Avocados From Mexico – Top Dog (2019)

When you combine comedy, dogs and celebrities – there can be a very fine between funny commercial and car crash tv. Luckily – this falls in line with the former. In this funny Ad we find humans taking part in the 53rd Annual Human Canine Show. This is where humans have to perform various tricks in order to please dogs – an excellent parody of dog shows like Crufts. And what is the most coveted prize in

McDonald’s – Eggs (2019)

McDonald’s has put out several ads with the basic message: ‘Our eggs are real, damn it!’ It’s clearly a delicate subject. As long as they keep using comedy to convey that message, we’re not complaining. Regular readers will know how much we appreciate adverts that layer different types of comedy — this is a fine example, with jokes in the voiceover, physical comedy, and plenty of text-gags. Keep an ear out for some off-screen calamity

McDonald’s – We Could (2019)

When it comes to advertising their no-nonsense McCafé coffee, McDonald’s have historically never been afraid to take the piss out of the competition. This ad is no exception, although it’s a slight variation on the theme — rather than satirise the customer experience of visiting a trendy coffee shop, this ad spoofs other coffee ads. By taking a montage approach and showing lots of different scenes, rather than satirising a single ‘type’ of advert from

Funny Advert - Lego vs Tesla - 2019

Lego – Lego vs Tesla Tweet (2019)

In the week that Elon Musk unveiled his new Cybertruck, with it’s “shatterproof windows” that embarrassingly shattered during the demo – Lego were quick to respond. A superb example of how to leverage a big news story, with a (funny) twist that ensures your brand becomes a part of the conversation. More here:

Funny Advert - Burger King Whopper Bus Westminster UK Brexit 2019

Burger King – Vote Leave Whopper Bus (2019)

This Burger King advert mocking Vote Leave’s Brexit battle bus went viral – in a good way, for once. More here:

Samsung – QLED + 6 Underground + Ryan Reynolds (2019)

Have you ever watched three ads in one? If there’s a guy that can get you to do that, it’s Ryan Reynolds. In this funny commercial, Ryan Reynolds is supposed to be advertising the new Samsung QLED TV. But as soon as the cameras start rolling, he goes off-script and starts advertising his latest movie, ‘6 Underground.’ While he is at it, he shoves in another commercial for his Aviation Gin – he is the

Klarna – I Wish I’d Bought It With Klarna (2019)

Synopsis Queen of Instagram, Celeste Barber, presents a TV-style show in which she helps people with their fashion faux pas, with the knowledge that, if they’d bought it with Klarna, they’d only pay for it when they’re happy. Review First off, this is bright and shiny. Secondly, Celeste Barber is renowned for her send-ups of Instagram pictures, and this has the same tongue-in-cheek feel to it. The tagline, “I Wish I Bought It With Klarna”

Compare the Market – Keep Life Simples (2019)

Synopsis Sergei is driving Alexandr in a swanky new car. There’s a communication mix-up and Sergei thinks that the car is completely automated, when actually it’s the car insurance, so he lies back and thinks of England. Hilarity ensues when they head towards a cliff-edge. One of the best Compare The Market ads there is. Review I think you can include any of the Compare the Market/Meerkat adverts because they’re delightfully simple and have taken

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