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PepsiCo – Michael Bublé vs Bubly Sparkling Water (2019)

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According to PepsCo’s vice president, Stacy Taffet, sparkling water fans are loving their new brand, Bubly.

However, they’re pronouncing it as Bublé, and the company wants to set the record straight – with the help of Michael Bublé!

The hilarious commercial starts with Bublé walking into a convenience store to grab some Bubly, thinking they have named the drink after him. (A reference to how people have been pronouncing it.)

While grabbing the beverage he refers to it as blackberry Bublé and is immediately corrected by a woman (comedian Aparna Nancherla) who overheard him.

She tries to convince him that it’s pronounced Bubly but to no avail. The store owner, Dave, also tries, but it is futile.

There’s just no convincing Bublé that Bubly isn’t pronounced Bublé.

Just when all hope is lost, a little girl snaps him out of it by calling him Mr. Bubly.

Next thing we know, Michael is on the floor changing every ‘y’ on the Bubbly cans to an ‘é’ to match his name.

This funny ad is a great play on words and is super catchy – a surefire win for both Bublé and Bubly.