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McDonalds – Saver Menu – Rubber Glove (2019)

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This twenty-second ad consists of a single visual gag. We imagine the treatment looked something like:

Close up of mum putting on daughter’s swimming cap. Pull out to reveal it’s a rubber glove as she didn’t have time to find swimming cap.


It’s simple but effective, and bound to get a laugh of recognition from parents with swimmer children everywhere.

Ironic that McDonalds have used the same Ads two years in a row to advertise their Saver Menu.

Maybe that was a bit of clever stealth marketing –  and they’re hoping we’ll all pick up on it.

Or maybe it was just because they – like the rest of us – wanted to save a few quid in Jan.

Maybe we’ll never know.

This is just one of our favourite funny McDonald’s adverts — read our analysis of the funniest McDonald’s adverts of recent years, here.

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