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Amazon Alexa – Not Everything Makes The Cut (2019)

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Amazon is currently positioning itself as an innovator – and they want us to know that every single product they release is thoroughly tested, and fit for purpose.

In this advert they do that by “admitting” that there were some experiments along the way that didn’t quite go to plan.

An Alexa-collar for dogs (that enabled them to order products for themselves, without their owner’s permission).

A toothbrush that plays your podcasts (although only your teeth will ever be able to hear them).

A hot tub that shoots its water jets in time to the beat of your music (so powerful it throws you up in the air too).

Their invented ‘bad innovations’ (weaknesses) are positioned against their real innovations – which forces us to see those real innovations as strengths.

Amazon are making us laugh by poking fun at themselves, without ever having to go as far as actually poking fun at themselves. The reputation of their (real) products remains intact.

The clever buggers.

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