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Snickers – #SnickersFixtheWorld (2020)

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The world is out of sorts, but maybe it just needs a Snickers. Luckily, we have a huge one of those.


When Snickers released the teaser trailers for this, we wondered whether the payoff was going to be worth it. It is. Their brilliant “You’re Not You” campaign has now been supersized – so that instead of fixing a moody footballer who’s not himself without his snickers, we’re fixing the entire world – by digging a hole, and feeding it a giant snickers. And we can all agree, the world needs a little fixing right about now.

Fun, funny, relatable, self-referential, self-deferential – and with the perfect kicker of a joke at the end.
Did they manage to tick everything off your “the world is going to s***” list?

If not – what did they miss?