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Have Her Back – 6 Things Every Woman Wants For Valentine’s Day (2020)

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Have Her Back (the gender equity culture consultancy) teamed up with Huge (the ad agency) to come up with half a dozen alternative ‘Valentine’s Gifts for Her’ — with each playing on a trope of Valentine’s Day gifting, such as sweets or perfume, while actually educating the reader on equity issues faced by women, such as the scarcity of female CEOs or the unpaid emotional labour that’s societally expected of women.

‘Equity: For Her’

The Crown Jewel of Company Culture

All the (c) ‘Sweets’


This isn’t hilarious, but we don’t think it was trying to be. It uses tongue-in-cheek humour (predominantly via word play and a hefty dollop of sarcasm) to make some great points and provoke thought.

Yes, we know it takes more budget and planning, but we’d have loved to see this in video form. So much more shareable on social, which is where the discussions happen, and those gifting scenarios are packed with potential — they would have been so much more entertaining to watch, rather than read. Currently, the reader is left doing half the work in order to make it entertaining.

It’s not for lack of funny ideas, as there are plenty packed in among the factual information (which is always a hard balance to strike), but we’re convinced this would’ve landed better had the funny ideas played out visually — keeping us hooked while a voiceover delivered the important message.

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