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McDonald’s – We Could (2019)

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When it comes to advertising their no-nonsense McCafé coffee, McDonald’s have historically never been afraid to take the piss out of the competition. This ad is no exception, although it’s a slight variation on the theme — rather than satirise the customer experience of visiting a trendy coffee shop, this ad spoofs other coffee ads.

By taking a montage approach and showing lots of different scenes, rather than satirising a single ‘type’ of advert from start to finish, this ad packs a lot of visual interest and comedy opportunities into its one-minute runtime.

We particularly enjoy the ‘abstract dance routine’, with its delightfully silly distant echo of the word ‘abstract’ — and the epic ship-based blockbuster sequence shows that McDonald’s isn’t afraid to throw a budget at a comedy idea if its strong enough. This one is certainly strong enough — possibly our all-time favourite funny advert from McDonald’s.

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