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Aviation Gin – Rejected Slogans (2019)

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Coming up with a slogan is hard work – just ask the face-of and part-owner of Aviation Gin, Ryan Reynolds.

In this hilarious ad, we see the actor trying to come up with slogans for the brand.

He tries a lot of them, but none of them seem right. And that’s fair – slogans aren’t easy. They don’t just pop up out of thin air.

Some are too blunt: “If you’re drinking anything else, you’re drinking bullshit.”

While some of them are too controversial: “It tastes like God just cried in your mouth.”

Not sure that one would play well in middle America…

But there are some good ones in there too worth keeping: “It’s just vodka after its wish was granted.”

Sadly, that last one didn’t even make the cut either. What a shocker!

At one point, Reynolds gets so confused about the slogans that he mistakenly says Papa John’s slogan: “Better ingredients, better pizza.”

By the end of the ad, he is nowhere close to coming up with a slogan.

What is even more funny about this commercial is that it was sent to customers under the guise of a misdirected email entitled “Reshoot.”

Nice bit of stealth marketing there, Ryan! Clever move.

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