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Ryan Reynolds

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Mint Mobile – New ManageMint feat. Ryan Reynolds (2020)

Synopsis Ryan Reynolds, Hollywood star and new owner of Mint Mobile, presents a low-budget lockdown advert that’s packed with jokes, and delivered in his trademarked self-deprecating tone. Review This is a solid addition to the pantheon of Reynolds-based funny advertising — packed with all the fourth-wall-breaking meta-humour you’d expect from the star of Deadpool. In particular, the glimpse of Ryan’s computer desktop provides a bumper crop of background gags, which rewards repeat viewing and just

Aviation Gin – Rejected Slogans (2019)

Coming up with a slogan is hard work – just ask the face-of and part-owner of Aviation Gin, Ryan Reynolds. In this hilarious ad, we see the actor trying to come up with slogans for the brand. He tries a lot of them, but none of them seem right. And that’s fair – slogans aren’t easy. They don’t just pop up out of thin air. Some are too blunt: “If you’re drinking anything else, you’re

Samsung – QLED + 6 Underground + Ryan Reynolds (2019)

Have you ever watched three ads in one? If there’s a guy that can get you to do that, it’s Ryan Reynolds. In this funny commercial, Ryan Reynolds is supposed to be advertising the new Samsung QLED TV. But as soon as the cameras start rolling, he goes off-script and starts advertising his latest movie, ‘6 Underground.’ While he is at it, he shoves in another commercial for his Aviation Gin – he is the

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