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Mint Mobile – Chunky-Style Milk? That’s Not Right (2019)

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Once in a while, you look at something and go, “That’s not right.”

It could be that what you’re looking at is so “too good to be true” that your mind is failing to fathom its awesomeness… even if it’s something you shouldn’t be questioning in the first place.

Here to set the record straight on what’s right and what isn’t is Mint Mobile’s hilarious commercial.

To begin with, we see a man who stumbles upon a wireless deal for only 20 bucks a month… and his reaction is, “That’s not right.”

Then an animated fox appears to explain to him that he’s got the definition of “not right” all wrong. He explains what IS “not right” – and that’s Chunky-Style Milk.

The funny advert cuts to a family sitting down for breakfast. The mom explains that Chunky-Style Milk is right for her family “because it has the wholesome chunks kids need, unlike smooth-style milk.”

She then pours the milk chunks in some glasses, and they all enjoy some chunky milk.

If you are thinking, “That’s not right,” then you are right!

After the man sees this, he immediately knows what is right and what isn’t (the fox alludes to his current wireless bill).

And 20 bucks a month for wireless?… That’s right!