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Ryanair – Gary is a liar

Why we love it: When we write and edit jokes, we obsess over the ‘leap’ we’re asking an audience to make. If the link between setup and punchline is too straightforward, i.e. only a small leap, there’s no surprise and the joke won’t be funny. But if the leap is too big, most of your audience won’t get the joke. Here, RyanAir created just enough distance for the audience to leap from the setup (an

Fray Bentos Official – Nostalgic Nonsense

Why we love it: Fray Bentos use a topical news story (classic sitcom Fawlty Towers is coming back to our screens) as a jumping off point for a nostalgia-fest that got their audience engaging en-masse. What you can learn from it: You don’t need to emulate the biting satire of a panel show, or the aggressive “jokes” of RyanAir, to add topicality to your content. There are loads of light-touch ways to turn those watercooler

Fray Bentos Official – don’t feed the trolls

Why we love it: Fray Bentos have taken something they’re normally criticised for – having tins that some people struggle to get into – and had fun with it. This parody of an airline safety information card teaching us how not to open our tins landed safely at its destination. What you can learn from it: They say “don’t feed the trolls” – but sometimes it’s the best thing to do. If there’s one thing

Fray Bentos Official – COMPETITION TIME

Why we love it: Giveaways can be a great way to grow your audience on social – but they’re often awkward, eggy and bland. These two from pie brand Fray Bentos completely buck that trend – yes, we’re trying to grow an audience, but we’re going to make sure we’re entertaining and engaging while we do it. What you can learn from it: If you want people to follow you, it helps to incentivise them

innocent – 378 Days of Hilarity Ahead

Why we love it: It’s a succinct one liner that speaks to what everyone is thinking. The only thing that’s missing, for us, is any specific relevance to Innocent’s audience rather than just ‘the whole world’. But that’s kind of how Innocent roll, and as a household name they can get away with it. What you can learn from it: In comedy writing, editing is everything. Even if you’ve written a joke using a Brands

Hootsuite – Gift Ideas for Social Media Manager in your life

Why we love it: We caught this one just after it was posted, so it hadn’t yet done huge numbers at time of screenshotting – but anyone who has posted from a business page on LinkedIn knows even this is pretty good going. And we knew our audience of social media marketers (i.e. you) would love this – because it’s SO painfully close to home. What you can learn from it: If you want to

Halfords – De-icing hack

Why we love it: We’ve highlighted Halfords as a rising star before and this Teach post definitely has potential. They’re teaching a lesson their audience will appreciate – which just so happens to position their product as the best solution – and they’ve included a splash of entertaining silliness to drive engagement. What you can learn from it: Your content doesn’t have to be either educational OR funny. It can be both. Start combining these

Corporate Rebels – Response Times

Why we love it: Graph gags often go down very well on LinkedIn – because it’s a platform where users expect to encounter visual representations of data. This one expresses a simple sentiment that’s highly relatable to Corporate Rebels’ audience: “I tend to either respond instantly, or it takes me ages. There is no in-between!” What you can learn from it: Experiment with different design styles, including the ‘hand drawn’ style shown here, to learn

Corporate Rebels – expectation vs reality

Why we love it: Corporate Rebels prove that you can and should be funny on LinkedIn. This cartoon twist on the classic ‘expectation vs reality’ format expresses a sentiment that their audience will find funny because it’s true (B2B clients tend to want better results than they can afford to pay for). What you can learn from it: Often, the simpler the gag, the better. This example strips out anything extraneous – it’s easy to

Nando’s – Fix Problems

Why we love it: This is a great use of UGC (User Generated Content) from Nando’s. They found a tweet that expresses one of their audience’s relatable truths – and instead of simply sharing a screenshot, they’ve elevated it with some classy design choices. What you can learn from it: Brands that aren’t already household names don’t always have access to much UGC, so let’s focus on the design element. You can elevate your own

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