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Skyn – Stay and F*** at Home (2020)

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While social media is busy encouraging people to #StayTheFHome and practise social distancing during the Covid-19 pandemic, Skyn (purveyors of fine lubricants, condoms and sex toys) decided to subvert the trending topic with a pleasurable twist.

These suggestive slogans are appearing as images and GIFs across the internet — encouraging audiences to spend their time in quarantine doing something sexy…i.e. sex.


This is funny by default because it’s about sex, right? We’re kind of serious. There’s nothing particularly hilarious going on in the execution — it’s just some nicely presented word play. But the core idea is strong (that core idea being, ‘twist the language of social distancing and quarantine to make people giggle about sex’).

It’s a win-win, really. Light-touch topical comedy that encourages people to make the most of the situation by doing something they want to do anyway.

True, branded comedy comes a little easier to brands who sell sex stuff (COMES…get it?), but it’s still a bold move. Any brand daring to reference Covid-19 in their advertising risks a backlash if it seems like a cynical cash-in. Skyn took the risk, and successfully struck the balance between topical, tasteful and entertaining.