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Bakers Delight – Papergirl (2020)

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watch the Ad over on Ads Of The World:


Someone’s causing chaos in the neighbourhood and the cops are asking questions. Who could be responsible? Why, it’s the newspaper delivery girl who has developed super-strength because she’s been eating Bakers Delight protein bread. It’s not a bad idea at all, and it’s SO nearly funny…


Some funny ads nail the comedy and forget to advertise the product. Some are all ad, not enough gag. This one sits somewhere in the middle. The brand message couldn’t be clearer, and that’s great. That means the top line concept of the script is working, and there’s more than enough overt non-funny branding layered in to ensure no one could possibly miss what you’re actually trying to sell (you’d be surprised how many companies forget this bit).

So why aren’t we falling around laughing? It just doesn’t quite escalate far enough. Sure, she throws a newspaper and it goes through a nicely trimmed hedge. But wouldn’t we find it funnier if it also hit the guy and sent him flying? Perhaps not that, exactly (we can’t give our good ideas away for free, after all…), but we strongly feel this could’ve benefited from some serious brainstorming. If you come up with two hundred ways for a delivery girl to wreak havoc on the street with her super-powered newspaper lobbing, then cherry pick the top five, script them in order of escalation and punch them up until they’re making you cry with laughter at the absurdity of the idea, then, and only then, do you have a thirty second ad that stands a fighting chance of getting an actual, audible laugh.