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icelandfoods – Keeping It Real with Iceland

Why we love it: The execution here isn’t 100% (our joke writers would have a thing or three to say about the flagrant disregard for comedic rhythm). However, in this comparison gag, Iceland manages to poke fun at rival supermarkets and those who shop at them in a brand-safe way. In doing so, they not only position themselves as the go – to supermarket for shoppers who want to “keep it real” (not to mention

Greggs – Apple Vision Pro

Why we love it: What does the announcement of Apple Vision Pro – an upcoming ‘mixed reality headset’ – have to do with Greggs’ baked goods? Absolutely nothing – but it had almost all of Twitter talking, and any good social media manager would want a slice of that action. This silly Photoshop inspired by Apple’s original tweet (“things you love in ways never before possible”) makes an instant visual impression – and reflects Greggs’

Aldi Stores UK – The Art of Brand Beef

Why we love it: Aldi has perfected the art of brand beef on Twitter. The supermarket has previously been on the receiving end of legal action from rival M&S due to… erm… ‘similarities’ between some of their products – but rather than hide this skeleton in their closet, Aldi mines it for comedy content on social. (A strategy that we fully condone here at White Label Comedy, and recently embraced on behalf of our client,

Aldi Stores UK – Emergency Alert Hacked

Why we love it: Think about the ‘myths’ your audience might currently believe – the Objections and Limiting Beliefs that could be making them hesitant to buy your products – and consider how you can dispel those with succinct, single slide ‘lessons’. In other words, present the facts that combat your audience’s potential misconceptions. Combine a couple of these with relevant jokes from BAMM (e.g. a meme after every myth), and all of a sudden

Boston Pizza – Sports Trophy Model (2015)

Synopsis The professional sports trophy model who models the tops of trophies explains on a tough work day Boston Pizza is the perfect food while working. Review It’s a brilliant ad that played during the World series mostly on the sports channel and unique and clever idea really works for the brand. Entry Submitted By Duff MacDonald

McDonald’s – Nobody Cares About Me (2020)

McDonald’s could have just put out an ‘ordinary tweet’ stating that the McRib was back in a couple of weeks. But they did this instead and got over 150K interactions! it’s always “when is the McRib coming back” and never “how are you doing person who runs the McDonald’s account” — McDonald’s (@McDonalds) October 23, 2020

Pop Tarts – Keep Your Hand On Your…Pop Tart (2019)

Wondering how far you can push the double-entendres? Pop Tarts seem to have it about right – if the interaction to this tweet is anything to go by! As long as you know your audience, then you can manage the risk and reap the rewards. I like my tarts where I like my money. Right in my fanny — Pop-Tarts (@PopTartsUS) February 1, 2019

Aldi – Fancy Coming To A Party? (2020)

If it’s brand interaction you’re after, then Aldi probably sell it in the middle aisle! This ‘party’ ran and ran – three weeks and thousands more tweets and replies later, they had interacted with the whole marketplace – and shown how much more fun they are than the best of the rest.  Hey @Tesco, @asda, @LidlGB, @Sainsburys, @Waitrose, @IcelandFoods @MarksAndSpencer and @Morrisons. What you doing later? Fancy coming to our #Aldi30thBirthdayParty? — Aldi Stores UK

Eat them to defeat them ITV Power Veg funny advert image carrot

ITV and Veg Power – Eat Them To Defeat Them (2020)

Synopsis ITV have brought back their ‘Eat Them To Defeat Them’ campaign, which is aimed at kids to get them to eat more veg. The campaign will feature six 10 second ads, all of which will have an item of wayward veg that a child has to bravely eat in order to defeat it. One ad shows a carrot knocking over a glass of milk, while another shows peas becoming unruly and trying to escape

Bakers Delight – Papergirl (2020)

watch the Ad over on Ads Of The World: Synopsis Someone’s causing chaos in the neighbourhood and the cops are asking questions. Who could be responsible? Why, it’s the newspaper delivery girl who has developed super-strength because she’s been eating Bakers Delight protein bread. It’s not a bad idea at all, and it’s SO nearly funny… Review Some funny ads nail the comedy and forget to advertise the product. Some are all ad, not

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