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Drug Free Kids Canada – Dark Gummies (2020)

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DFKC want parents to know that cannabis gummies and other edibles aren’t as cute as they seem, so they had a talented cast of gummy bears enact the kind of sadistic mischief your kids might when they’re high on edibles. It’s weird AF, and we’re into it.


We often complain that an ad has a strong top line idea, but not enough jokes — or that the jokes aren’t imaginative or heightened enough. So many fail to make us laugh, simply because they don’t escalate the gags far enough to catch us off-guard.

Your mileage may vary, but for us, the T-Rex in the panini toaster was the one that got the laugh, having been reeled in by the attention-grabbing weirdness of the previous shots. All the visual gags are satisfyingly bizarre, but the order that they’re presented could have been improved — we’d have put the T-Rex last, as the cola explosion and wedding dress in the shredder seem a little tame in comparison. Either that, or come up with a way to make those gags bigger and ‘darker’ — I’d have loved to see the gummies firing the cola into the wardrobe to destroy the wedding dress, then taking it in turns to jump into the shredder.

You want your gags to get funnier (or in this case, we’d settle for more disturbing) throughout.

Our only other gripe is…this ad makes taking edibles look really, really fun.

Also, let’s take a second to appreciate that deeply disturbing laugh at the end, which will haunt my nightmares for weeks to come. My god. I suspect the main reason DFKC don’t want kids to take edibles is so there are more left for their creative team…