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Ryanair – “cha cha cha”

Why we love it: Ryanair are great at jumping on board a trending topic – and spinning it around so that their take on it fits perfectly into the Ryanair world. Here, they’ve taken the meme that arose from Finland’s Eurovision entry (“cha cha cha”) and connected the dots between the lyrics, and a relatable pain (something Ryanair’s audience love to hate). What you can learn from it: With the right treatment, you can make

jacksflightclub – The Seat Lottery

Why we love it: Jacks Flight Club have paired one of their audience’s Relatable Truths (we’d call it a Small Joy, if you want to get specific) with the oft-used image of Robert Downey Jr looking relieved. It’s not complicated. At all. And yet it’s highly effective. What you can learn from it: The reason this one flew *ahem* is that 12,000 people strongly related to having had (or wishing they could have) the feeling

Ryanair – Gary is a liar

Why we love it: When we write and edit jokes, we obsess over the ‘leap’ we’re asking an audience to make. If the link between setup and punchline is too straightforward, i.e. only a small leap, there’s no surprise and the joke won’t be funny. But if the leap is too big, most of your audience won’t get the joke. Here, RyanAir created just enough distance for the audience to leap from the setup (an

jacksflightclub – The Epic Battle of Priorities!

Why we love it: The air travel industry has a strong track record when it comes to comedy on social media, spearheaded by RyanAir – so it’s great to see Jacks Flight Club getting in on the action. This one’s not so much a joke as a pithily expressed relatable truth – but you can expect to see their memes in a future Swipe File! What you can learn from it: Sometimes all it takes

Ryanair – elf on the shelf

Why we love it: Posted the day after Spain were knocked out of the World Cup by unlikely victors, Morocco, it made sense for Ryanair to stick them on the plane home. Combined with the seasonal (Christmas) topicality of the popular ‘elf on the shelf’ meme, this one is working on a couple of different levels. What you can learn from it: We give you fresh, original joke formats every month. But don’t be afraid

ryanair – Thinking of seat number

Why we love it: Ryanair are posting comedy across all platforms – but we love how they’ve adapted their content for each. They’ve developed a unique lo-fi branded design format for memes on Instagram which – when paired with an observation that’s genuinely relatable for their audience – consistently delivers great engagement for them. What you can learn from it: You can add your branding to your memes. Just make sure it doesn’t get in

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