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Specavers – Sauna (2011)

Funny Advert - Specsavers Sauna Glasses Eyesight - 2011
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Specsavers key message is simple: “If you need glasses, you NEED glasses – and we’re the place to get them”

Each and every advert features the exaggerated consequences of leaving bad eyesight unchecked and untreated – and they always take those exaggerations to the silliest place possible.

A volleyball player who hits a seagull instead of a ball; a vet who thinks a cat has died because he’s actually checking for a pulse on a hat; a vampire who mistakes a tanning bed for a coffin; a man who confuses a smoke-filled kitchen for a steamy sauna.

The message with this kind of treatment is “You can’t afford NOT to use us”. Although notice that they don’t focus on their USPs in order to persuade you. They aren’t comparing their glasses to other glasses – they’re just comparing life with great vision to life without, and making us laugh while they do it. That sense of humour IS their USP. And it works. Their slogan is now a part of pop culture. If you trip and fall and I find it funny – i’ll probably quote it at you. After I’ve helped you up, of course…

This advert made it into our list of the 50 best commercials ever.