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Amazon – Alexa Loses Her Voice (2018)

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People just don’t know how good they have it with Amazon’s Alexa.

They use Alexa for everything. Whether it’s getting a recipe online, checking scientific information, playing their favorite music or simply making a call.

Yes, Alexa makes life easy.

In this funny commercial, Amazon shows us what would happen if Alexa lost her voice.

If this ever happened, Amazon is prepared and has replacements lined up and at the ready. Jeff Bezos gives the word, and the hilarity ensues.

With Alexa, you always get what you ask for, but her replacements have a mind of their own.

So the next time you want to make a grilled cheese and want Alexa’s help, you might just get Gordon Ramsay telling you how much your life sucks if you can’t make a simple sandwich,

You could even get Hannibal Lecter himself the next time you want to call your boyfriend or Cardi B helping you with your science paper while roasting you for your lack of scientific knowledge.

Thankfully, we don’t live in such a world.

And by the end of this funny advert, you will realize just how good you have it with Alexa.

This funny advert is one of the best in history – at least, according to us.

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