The world’s only dedicated collection of funny branded social media posts, history’s funniest TV Commercials, hilarious Facebook Ads, side-splitting YouTube Adverts and delicious witty Print Advertising – all gathered together in one database. – Big Game First Spot with Jason Statham & Gal Gadot (2017)

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Every business needs a website, especially in this fast-paced digital world where your business can easily be forgotten if you don’t have a web presence as soon as you hit the ground running. has always had a clear message for anyone, especially business owners, who want to have a website – “It’s fast and free!”

In the action-packed advert, we are introduced to Felix, whose bistro is trashed by Jason Statham (The Transporter) and Gal Godot (Wonder Woman) as they fight some bad guys.

Felix is so busy enjoying that he doesn’t recognize the carnage behind him, which is meant to symbolize the disruptive world around us. Anything can happen while you’re wasting your time learning web design or dealing with web designers. Sadly, Felix got on too late.

Once Felix realizes his bistro has been trashed, he remains calm. He can start another business and easily create another website in minutes using

And that is what he does, as he opens a new bistro on wheels and quickly designs his new website.