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Hyundai – First Date (2016)

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In this funny advert, Hyundai knocked it out of the park by enlisting the always funny Kevin Hart to advertise their Hyundai Genesis.

The car comes with a Car Finder Device that you can use to easily track the whereabouts of the car.

This funny commercial was aired during the 50th Super Bowl and was marketed to dads between the ages of 30 to 50 (the key demographic of the Super Bowl).

And why was it marketed to dads? This hilarious ad tells us why through a funny short story where Kevin plays an overprotective dad whose teenage daughter is about to go on her first date.

When the guy comes to pick her up, the dad (Kevin) is not amused and thinks his daughter’s date might try some funny business.

So he offers them his new car to use on the date – the Hyundai Genesis. As soon as they leave, he activates the Car Finder Device and follows them around.

From the movie theatre to the funfair to all the way up in the hills, every time the guy tries to make a move, the dad is there to give him a look that says, “You better not lay one single hand on my little girl!”

And what makes this a great example of comedy in advertising is the over-the-top ways the dad follows them around. Honestly, they couldn’t have picked a better actor than Kevin Hart for this role.

The guy drops the daughter off later that night, and the dad’s mind is at ease knowing nothing happened.

And it is all thanks to the Hyundai Genesis – a dad’s true friend!

This funny advert is one of the best in history – at least, according to us.