Is sloppy copy making your Facebook Ads floppy? (Part 1)

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I bet you’re running at least one Facebook Ad right now, aren’t you?

And if so – I guarantee you wish it was performing better.

Because let’s face it – more clicks for less money is the dream we all share (well, that and the one about the Chihuahua dressed as a clown that chases us down a corridor shouting “come back, Mummy…”) – right?

That’s why – in this blog and the next one – I’m gonna give you six solid gold tips for improving your Facebook Ad performance.

Next time, it’s all about the creative (the image or video that’s front and centre in your Ad) – but for today, we’re going to focus on copy.


Here are 3 Ways to Pump Up Your Ad Copy:

1 – Hit ‘em with a hilarious hook

You probably already know that those first couple of lines of copy are CRUCIAL.

This hook is the only bit of text that will appear ‘above the fold’ of your ad. And if it doesn’t entertain and engage the reader right away? That reader ain’t clicking ‘see more’.

For example…
Bad hook: Trying to train your dog? If so, you need to read this.

Better hook: Most dog trainers teach “sit”, “roll over” and “beg”. I’ve done all that and my dog still won’t listen…

Now, I’m not going to claim it’s easy – but if you can use that handful of characters to make your ideal customer laugh in a way that leaves them thinking “Woah. These guys just GET me”?

You’ve just bought yourself a one way ticket to Conversion City, my friend.


2 – Solicit social silliness

Adding a smattering of social proof to your advert (that’s reviews, testimonials and all that other juicy goodness) can do wonders for your conversions.

And one of the beautiful bonuses you’ll discover when you embrace comedy on your socials is that it encourages like-for-like engagement.

Everyone wants to be in on the joke – so if your content makes your audience laugh, they’ll often leave comments (and, crucially, reviews) that make YOU laugh. These are 100% the ones you should include in your ads.

If you actively invite silliness, you’ll find yourself with a crop of funny social proof to harvest and sprinkle throughout your Facebook Ads.

(And in the meantime, just straight up ask for reviews and then add the jokes yourself, in the form of sassy setups or rib-tickling responses.)


3 – Reel them in with relatable jokes

Let me tell you what you DON’T want (aside from that freaky clown dog dream… I mean, seriously) …

You don’t want the entertaining, engaging vibe to evaporate from your ad the second you segue into the pitch. Nope. Gross.

Instead – you want to support your sales arguments with relatable humour throughout. That way, you’ll keep your ideal customer reading right to the end, where your killer CTA

will take the money straight out of their eager hands.

Now, obviously there’s much more that goes into crafting a Facebook Ad that uses the power of funny to put money in your pocket…

Which is why you’ll need to keep a keen lookout for my next blog – landing very soon – where we’ll be discussing how you can switch up your Facebook Ad creative (that’s the image, or video) to secure more sales.



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Adam Hunt

Adam Hunt

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