Want a quick fix that'll give your content a shot in the arm, and a kick up the a*se?

PAy As You Go Comedy Content Packs

20, 40 or 80 pieces of bespoke, hand-crafted comedy content* you can use across social, sales pages, ads, emails and blogs

Supercharge engagement, boost organic reach, drive more clicks and get more sales

(*Copy-only as standard, Artwork available for an additional fee)

Kirsty Hulse

Roar Training

“As a first pass, I am SCREAMING at some of these, thank you so much.”

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Choose your pack (20, 40 or 80 jokes)

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This is your chance to tell us about your brand, your audience, and what matters to them.

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Every client is assigned a Creative Lead: a writer who’s responsible for immersing themselves in your audience’s world, and representing you and your brand throughout our process. Your kick-off call is their chance to really dig deep – working with you to reach a shared understanding of what really matters to your audience, and how best to move them toward action.

Our team will spend week one digging deep into your brand and its audience in order to find the relatable truths we need to write jokes that entertain, engage and sell

Your Brand / Audience breakdown will be in your inbox at the end of week one ready for your sign-off. The relatable truths it will contain aren’t just catnip for comedy writers, they’re killer for crafting any kind of engaging content – so this is a document your in-house teams will love you for.

Week Two is all about the jokes. We'll handpick a selection of TV's best comedy writers to go to town turning those relatable truths into jokes your audience will go crazy for

Most of our clients use their PAYG Pack content on social media – but the savvy ones also use the jokes to liven-up their Facebook Ads, Sales Pages, Blogs, Emails and more. 

You'll have first draft content in your inbox at the end of week two (less than 14 days after your kick-off date)

Our process generates a high volume of content – but you’ll only ever see the very best 5-10%. Plus, our “pay for 20 posts, get 20 posts you love” guarantee means that if any of the content we deliver doesn’t have you rolling in the aisles, we’ll replace it free of charge.

Optional Extra: scroll-stopping artwork guaranteed to trigger "automatic reading"

Our content is copy-only as standard – but if you’re planning on posting on social media then for an additional fee we’ll create scroll-stopping artwork that’s on-brand, on-message and precision-engineered to trigger automatic reading – making your audience laugh before they’ve even made a conscious choice to focus on the joke. 

When not helping your brand entertain, engage and sell - our writers also craft jokes for these award-winning shows.

They’ve crafted jokes for Graham Norton, Sue Perkins, Jon Richardson, Al Murray, Judy Murray, Dermot O’Leary and even Professor Stephen Hawking. Now they’re here to help you and your brand win hearts and minds (and Likes and Shares) online.

Breaking down your brand and audience with...

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The Relatability Matrix

If you’re wondering exactly what your onboarding and audience research fees get you, here’s the deal.

Before we start writing jokes for a new client, we build out their “Relatability Matrix”.

And yes – that sounds like an ad agency wrote the script to a Keanu Reeves film…

But actually – it’s a framework we’ve developed to turn any brand and their audience into ingredients we can use to craft compelling content that will entertain, engage AND sell.

And our clients love it just as much as our writers do:

“I absolutely LOVE this! Truly brought light to my day and literally feel like you are in my head haha. Also really resonated with my inner circle who are my exact audience so we are 100% on the right track 🙂”


“I didn’t think anyone could ever get to know my audience better than I do – how wrong I was. This is epic!”

Mike Migliore

The Modular Analytics Co

“Outstanding work. I would’ve paid you guys just for this brief, let alone the jokes you’re about to write. It’s spot on – really impressed.”

Case Study

The Modular Analytics Co

The Brief

Our client was an Artificial Intelligence led consultancy firm looking to win work that might otherwise go to a “big four” constancy firm, and prove that an agile startup like theirs can drive better results more affordably.

Keen to show a more human side to their team on LinkedIn, we crafted content that took relatable truths their audience would identify with, and reframed them as jokes as told through the lens of the data analyst – as chart and graph gags.

PAYG Packs are Copy-only as standard. Artwork available for an additional fee.

Victoria Heyward

Bright Interactive / Asset Bank

“I didn’t think it would be possible to bring this much humour into the B2B space while still staying true to our brand – love it!”

Case Study

My Little Mascara Club

The Brief

Our client was a beauty brand planning to sell their innovative take on traditional mascara via a subscription box model. 

They key for this client was crafting content that was far enough away from a product pitch for their audience to engage and amplify, but still contained enough of the brand’s essence to “breadcrumb” their ideal customer back to their social profiles, and then to their online store.

PAYG Packs are Copy-only as standard. Artwork available for an additional fee.

Case Study

Buckle Me Baby Coats

The Brief

Our client was selling an innovative coat that solves an age-old problem: how to get kids in and out of a car seat, without them having a meltdown when you try and take their coats off.

Having already had success with sharing “found” memes on social – the Buckle Me Baby Coat team asked us to create relatable share-driving content that would entertain and engage their audience, while also effectively representing the brand.

PAYG Packs are Copy-only as standard. Artwork available for an additional fee.

PAy As You Go Comedy Content Packs

Sign up for a regular monthly delivery, or just commission fresh content as needed - no retainers, no monthly commitments

PAYG Packs are Copy-only as standard. Artwork available for an additional fee.


£ 995
  • (or £1495 with Artwork)
  • 20 pieces of ready-to-post comedy content (Copy-only as standard, Artwork available for an additional fee)


£ 1495
  • (or £2295 with Artwork)
  • 40 pieces of ready-to-post comedy content (Copy-only as standard, Artwork available for an additional fee)


£ 2495
  • (or £3495 with Artwork)
  • 80 pieces of ready-to-post comedy content (Copy-only as standard, Artwork available for an additional fee)

New clients will also be charged an onboarding and audience research fee of £995 for their first project.

Jessica Lorimer

Selling to Corporate

“I really love these. Genuinely – me and the team have been snort laughing this morning and whilst it’s unattractive, we appreciate it :)”

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our process generates a huge amount of great material – and you only ever see the best 5-10% of that – so chances are you’ll love everything we send you.

In the unlikely even there are any posts you don’t think completely nail it, and you don’t want to use – just let us know, and we’ll replace them free of charge within 48 hours.

If you pay for 20 posts, you get 20 posts that you love. It’s as simple as that.

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