Is your ad creative killing your conversions? (Part 2)

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If you run Facebook Ads, you’ll want to lean in for a second.

Already optimised your targeting and honed your copy – using the tips I dished out in my last blog – but still not seeing money rain from the sky?

It’s time to point the finger at your ad creative.

When you set your campaigns up – full of hope and ad budget – you assumed a dull, lifeless product shot was the way to go, right?

(You probably didn’t describe it quite like that – in fact, it may even be a decent photo – but compared to these alternatives, that’s essentially what it is.)

Fix your failing creative with humour, and you’ll fix your Facebook Ad (and start seeing lots of lovely conversions as a result).


3 Ways to Use Humour to Shake Up Your Ad Creative:

1 – Make A Joke

Surprise. The guy who emails you all week about the power of comedy is suggesting a joke again. 

There’s a reason I’m so passionate about jokes, though. Time and again, they work. 










Jokes cut through the noise of the saturated Facebook Ads market. And a joke drawn from the world of things your audience cares about – like this one we wrote for a client whose customers are anxious professionals – is a surefire way to stop your ideal buyer’s thumb, mid-scroll.

Text graphic jokes like this also trigger automatic reading – we process it, and we laugh at it, before we’ve even made a conscious choice to focus on it. 

You’ve already reeled us in, and we’re one massive step closer to reading your ad copy.

(And that’s the only way you’ll ever get us to click that sweet sweet link at the bottom.)


2 – Make Your Own Meme

Now – I’m not suggesting you wheel out the classic ‘Boromir from Lord of the Rings’ meme (one does not simply resort to copying everyone else, after all).

It’s a little more involved than that.

You’ll need to find an image that your audience will recognise as part of the world of your product – and use it as the foundation for a relatable joke.

Here’s one we made for a mascara subscription brand, whose product is clean and stays put (in situations where their rivals’ mascara is notorious for going gloopy): 










Images representing the exaggerated benefits of using your product or service (or consequences of NOT using it) are a great place to start.


3 – Script a Funny Video 

No two ways about it – the internet loves things that are shiny, and moving.

That’s why video is one of the easiest ways to grab your ideal customer’s attention and hold it while you sell them on your offer.

But if you’ve tried and failed in the past, chances are you were just reeling off a tonne of information that did nothing to capture, or keep, your audience’s attention.

How can you grab their attention from the get-go? Fill your script with jokes.

A video packed with wit and warmth will keep the viewer entertained and engaged throughout, forcing them to focus on their pain points without realising it.

It makes every fact you throw at them twice as compelling – and twice as persuasive.

In other words, entertaining video ads make easy sales.

Whether you go for a text-graphic gag, a meme, or a video – when you pull off a funny Facebook Ad, your ideal customer will have so much fun engaging with it, they won’t even care that they’re being sold to.

If your current ad creative isn’t delivering the ROI you need, you’d be crazy to expect more sales without switching it up.

Roll out one or more of these new approaches, monitor the results, tweak and repeat.

I bet you’ll see more conversions (and because you’re using comedy to do it, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank).




P.S. – want easy-access to a tonne of bespoke brand-safe jokes written especially for your business, laser-focused on the relatable truths that matter to your audience, and primed to entertain, engage and sell?

Of course you do! Grab yourself a piping hot Pay As You Go Pack here:



Adam Hunt

Adam Hunt

Advertising Creative, Copywriter, TV Producer, Comedy Writer and the Founder and Creative Director of White Label Comedy

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