Adam Hunt is the creative director of White Label Comedy – the social media, digital marketing and creative agency powered by comedy writers and copywriters.

With a career that straddled the worlds of broadcast TV and branded content – Adam has also Produced The One Show (the BBC’s flagship entertainment show, with 4 million viewers on a good night), and generated creative ideas (and written scripts) for brands of all shapes and sizes – including Xbox UK, Uber,, Rev, Curaleaf and Magellan Healthcare.

He brought together the best comedy writers from his time in TV, and the most talented creatives from his time in advertising, to create the White Label Comedy Hive-Mind.

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I’ve got a confession for you, dear reader… And because it’s coming from the Creative Director of a Creative and

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The match made in heaven that built White Label Comedy

6 months ago today, I walked away from a job I almost loved – in order to build a company I’m officially head over heels in love with. The two are inextricably intertwined – and today, if you’ll indulge me, I want to tell you the story of how, and why, this all began.

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It’s time to celebrate the heroes of social media marketing – the social media managers with a sense of humour (or “sense of humor”, if you’re stateside) so well honed that they’re able to dominate on Twitter and Facebook.

Comedy Social Media Customer Service

4 More Reasons to Make Your Social Media Customer Service Funny

Your Social Media Customer Service Team are dealing with problems in public – and that makes them, and the work they do, content. And yes – if you’re funny, that content can go viral. But that’s not the only benefit good humour can bring.

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Hotel Online Marketing

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