Adam Hunt is the creative director of White Label Comedy – the social media, digital marketing and creative agency powered by comedy writers and copywriters.

With a career that straddled the worlds of broadcast TV and branded content – Adam has also Produced The One Show (the BBC’s flagship entertainment show, with 4 million viewers on a good night), and generated creative ideas (and written scripts) for brands of all shapes and sizes – including Xbox UK, Uber,, Rev, Curaleaf and Magellan Healthcare.

He brought together the best comedy writers from his time in TV, and the most talented creatives from his time in advertising, to create the White Label Comedy Hive-Mind.

Dave Harland – Copywriting vs. AI

Why we love it: Copywriter Dave Harland loves poking fun at the self-proclaimed thought leaders and trend-hoppers of LinkedIn. And his audience loves him for

Ryanair – Embracing the Solo Throne

Why we love it: The RyanAir team know that memes highlighting their audience’s Relatable Truths around holidays and flying (in this case an unexpected Small

Greggs – Apple Vision Pro

Why we love it: What does the announcement of Apple Vision Pro – an upcoming ‘mixed reality headset’ – have to do with Greggs’ baked

Yorkshire Tea – Biscuits Tier

Why we love it: If there are two things that are sure to provoke engagement, it’s entertainment… And controversy. Here, Yorkshire Tea combines the two

innocent – Productivity Graph

Why we love it: Innocent Smoothies takes a set of relatable truths based around the realities of work right before a bank holiday – and

National Trust – Rare and Fragile

Why we love it: Most brands focus all their energy into their original content – leaving audience interaction to a separate Community Management team who

Ryanair – “cha cha cha”

Why we love it: Ryanair are great at jumping on board a trending topic – and spinning it around so that their take on it

Specsavers – Click Here

Why we love it: It’s not often we’ll praise a brand for not telling a joke, let alone policing jokes told by others. But we

Ryanair – Gary is a liar

Why we love it: When we write and edit jokes, we obsess over the ‘leap’ we’re asking an audience to make. If the link between

Adam Hunt – From Laughs to Leads

Why we love it: We wrote it! Look closer, see – that’s Adam Hunt from White Label Comedy. (No, not Buzz Lightyear. Above that.) This

Dave Harland – COPYFEST

Why we love it: Dave’s done it again – dropping this spoof Glastonbury festival poster packed with copywriters’ relatable truths, on the same day the

Napolina – Overheard in Naples

Why we love it: Napolina haven’t crossed our radar before, but we’re impressed by their recent experiments on social – especially this ‘Overheard in Naples’

lego – Marching into Fun

Why we love it: By using a fact about March as a jumping off point, Lego were able to make a joke about their products

Flexa Careers – RIP 5-day week

Why we love it: It’s not quite a joke – but it is a creative, scrollstopping way of presenting a bold and potentially provocative statement,

Paddy Power – Woke up like this

Why we love it: Paddy Power are total pros when it comes to clashing multiple topical ingredients into a single piece of comedy content. This

Aldi Stores UK – Battle of the Brands

Why we love it: There’s a longstanding feud between Aldi and M&S – largely due to Aldi’s habit of ‘borrowing’ other brands’ trademarked product ideas.

SURREAL – Top Cereal Launch 2022

Why we love it: We’re sick of seeing bland, self-aggrandising ‘announcement posts’. Here, SURREAL found a way to show off the fact they’d won an

Domino’s Pizza UK – Food Wars

Why we love it: Domino’s don’t currently get masses of engagement on Twitter, so this is great going by their standards. A rival brand gave

2000 AD Comics – Judge Death

Why we love it: Those unfamiliar with 2000 AD Comics won’t fully ‘get’ this one. But their audience absolutely did, and that’s what matters. In

SURREAL – Don’t Change Your Life

Why we love it: Surreal posts a lot of delightfully silly Entertain content. But here’s a solid, seasonally topical Teach post designed to engage their

Monzo – Bills Pots

Why we love it: This commenter beat us to it — Monzo found a stealthy way to show off one of their app’s coolest features,

elevateapp – Game On, Brainiacs

Why we love it: This is a great example of how, firstly, comedy can help your Paid Ads perform better. And secondly, that relatability trumps

Ryanair – Passenger Power

Why we love it: Ryanair delivers the topical comedy goods once again, jumping on a trending topic. But this time, they’ve managed to mention the

Yorkshire Tea – Biscuit Moderation

Why we love it: Like the Innocent gag, this is a succinct and relatable one-liner. But unlike Innocent, Yorkshire Tea brought it into the specific

Dave Harland – Social Media Trolls

Why we love it: Dave Harland, AKA The Word Man, is one of our favourite copywriters on LinkedIn. Here he’s using the ‘educational carousel post’

Paddy Power – Porn Sounds

Why we love it: Paddy Power are always quick to react with pitch-perfect gags whenever there’s breaking news that’s relevant to their audience of sports

Duolingo UK – Year in Review

Why we love it: We love graph gags! This one doesn’t reinvent the wheel (in fact it uses a longestablished template), but it was well

Epic Reads – Pros and Cons

Why we love it: Another one for the book nerds (it’s a term of endearment, honest). Epic Reads often post content that – while not

SparkNotes – Altered Song Lyric

Why we love it: This is designed to appeal primarily to SparkNotes’ audience – who will clock the reference to ‘The Tell Tale Heart’ by

Halfords – De-icing hack

Why we love it: We’ve highlighted Halfords as a rising star before and this Teach post definitely has potential. They’re teaching a lesson their audience

Warhammerofficial – Bingo time

Why we love it: Warhammer knows how to cater to their niche audience – with niche jokes that only that audience would ‘get’. The Bingo

Ryanair – elf on the shelf

Why we love it: Posted the day after Spain were knocked out of the World Cup by unlikely victors, Morocco, it made sense for Ryanair

Corporate Rebels – Response Times

Why we love it: Graph gags often go down very well on LinkedIn – because it’s a platform where users expect to encounter visual representations

Nando’s – Fix Problems

Why we love it: This is a great use of UGC (User Generated Content) from Nando’s. They found a tweet that expresses one of their

ryanair – Thinking of seat number

Why we love it: Ryanair are posting comedy across all platforms – but we love how they’ve adapted their content for each. They’ve developed a

Specsavers – Reacts

Why we love it: Specsavers’ social team are always ready to react – so when Brits took to social media to complain that they couldn’t

innocent – Stay in Bed

Why we love it: It’s simple, it’s relatable, it’s innocent in tone. What you can learn from it: This post just goes to show that

Paddy Power - Vote on the poll

Paddy Power – Vote on the poll

Why we love it: Ahead of the England vs USA Football World Cup game, Paddy Power entertained their sports-obsessed audience with a ‘USA vs UK’

Yorkshire Tea

Yorkshire Tea – Goes Wrong

Why we love it: When everyone on Twitter was talking about the fact that the platform’s days could be numbered (using phrases like “if it


Walkers Crisps – The Meal Deal

Why we love it: Walkers are starting to hone their comedy chops on social – and the success of this quote tweet shows it pays

Want to play a game?

“New record distance 6.3km”. That’s what’s flashing up on my watch, and I can hardly believe it. I’m only recently getting back into running, and

Knew I was missing something…

I couldn’t throw money at this sales rep any faster. See – I’m a Gadget Guy. I hold my hands up to it… and yes,

Visual Jokes Driven By Data

They call me Adam ‘Graph Gags’ Hunt. Because it accurately reflects my obsession with that particular flavour of comedy-powered social post. (I still think it’s

Get off the content treadmill

There’s blood everywhere… This guy just tripped, faceplanted the safety bar on the treadmill – thereby winning the ‘Ironic Injury of the Year’ award –

Things that work everywhere

Sweeping statements SUCK. (Every last one of them, no exceptions…) But I will say this: clean jokes ALWAYS work.  If you don’t swear… You don’t

Racing to the top of the feed

With reflexes faster than a mousetrap after a triple espresso, I STOMP the brake… To avoid rear-ending the guy who just swerved right in front

LOTR made me a better content creator

Some people think Lord Of The Rings is about power.  Others say it’s about friendship.  Personally, I think they’re about the importance of having a

More valuable than value

Are you caught in the value trap? I see it so often.  Content creators take great care in making seriously valuable social media posts to

About that OnlyFans account…

When we make content to drive engagement and sales for our clients… We don’t do silly dances… We don’t ram posts with #hashtags… We don’t