What you need to know to win big on social

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I know you’ve got a lot of blogs vying for your time, so I’m gonna make this one count by telling you the Secret to true Social Media Success.

It informs pretty much all the work we do for our clients – and it’s shockingly simple. Are you ready?

“When someone likes your post, or comments or shares it – they’re not doing it to tell you they liked it. They’re doing it to serve their own social purpose.”

Mind. Blown. Am I right?
If the post is funny, they’re engaging to show that they are funny.

If it’s interesting, they’re engaging to demonstrate to their own audience that they are savvy and well-informed.

So, if you want engagement from your audience? Don’t give them content that serves YOUR social purposes – give them content that serves THEIRS.

When you do that, they’ll like, comment and share without a second thought – because doing so gives them an opportunity to “share and declare” their ideal self with their own audience.

Does that mean you have to abandon your brand messaging entirely? Absolutely not.

It means you give your audience content that serves their own social purposes – but ALSO serves your brand’s purposes too. Content that sits right in the middle of the Venn diagram. See:



When you’re in that sweet spot, you’re still giving your audience exactly what they want – so they’ll engage and amplify your content because it serves their purposes – AND, that content is also taking your brand message along for the ride.

But how DO you craft on-brand content that also serves your audience’s social purposes?

Well, you could invest all of the time and money you have becoming a social native – spending 24/7 in the mind of your audience until your content feels seamlessly of their world.

But it’s easier, more effective and MUCH more affordable to get us to do it for you.

To have us do the research, craft the content, and deliver you a pack of ready-to-roll digital marketing success – comedy content that’s designed to supercharge engagement, boost organic reach, drive more clicks and get more sales (across your socials… and beyond).

But then again, I’m biassed, aren’t I?
See the results of our Pay As You Go Comedy Content Packs for yourself:



Adam Hunt

Adam Hunt

Advertising Creative, Copywriter, TV Producer, Comedy Writer and the Founder and Creative Director of White Label Comedy

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