We’re going to let you take ALL the credit

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Even before this pandemic – 1 in 8 marketing dollars was being spent on social media. (Unlike the Mad Men days, the other 7 were not spent on whisky and cigars).

That’s $212bn a year. 

But how much of that money was wasted?

When your social media marketing is all about brand awareness, it can be hard to calculate ROI – but it’s still easy to spot waste.

How many posts had less unique views than your wokest mate?

How many were seen by fewer people than you’re currently allowed to invite to a socially distant barbecue?

How many got less of a reaction than Kanye West changing his name to ‘Ye’, then changing it back again?

You invested in those posts – and those investments didn’t pay off.

But then again most don’t.

The average brand gets 0.09% of its audience engaging on each post – and they’re convinced that it’s “good enough” – because they don’t know how to do any better.

But doing better is easy.

Posts that fail:

  • Are often about you, not your audience.
  • Don’t really “say” anything other than “here’s our product”.
  • Don’t give your audience any motivation to share with their own audience

So that means that all you need to do to succeed is:

  • Talk about your audience, not yourself.
  • Avoid the sales pitches – or at least, hide them.
  • Make sure every post is something your ideal customer would simply “have to” share.

And what’s the easiest way to do all three?

Comedy, of course!

Until now, if you wanted to hire our hive mind to help your brand find its funny you needed to commit to a monthly package. But on Wednesday 10th June, at 10am (UK time) we launch of our Summer Pay As You Go Content Packs.

Get yourself 20, 40, 80 or 160 pieces of bespoke hand-crafted comedy content. No rolling contract. No monthly commitment. It’s Comedy Content in pure Pay As You Go fashion.

Start entertaining and engaging your audience – and not only will your posts travel further, they’ll also have much more of an impact when they arrive

And when everyone asks how you managed to smash through the benchmarks you’d previously considered a glass ceiling. When they ask how you managed to minimize wasted effort, and maximize ROI.

We’ll let you take the glory.

And you’ll deserve the credit.

You’re the one who had the sense to hire the hive-mind 🙂

It goes without saying that packs are strictly limited – so get yourself here tomorrow to make sure you don’t miss out: https://whitelabelcomedy.com/summer-content-packs

Adam Hunt

Adam Hunt

Advertising Creative, Copywriter, TV Producer, Comedy Writer and the Founder and Creative Director of White Label Comedy

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