There was a party, and you weren’t invited

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When brands interact on social, their audiences love it.

Often, that interaction is adversarial. Wendys and Burger King literally go toe to toe on a daily basis – and it can be really funny.

But calling out other brands on Twitter is a high risk move – and often ends in tears.

That’s why most brands play it safe.

This month, though, Supermarket chain Aldi proved that there’s another way.

A way to be funny on social, while interacting with other brands, in a way that lets everyone win.

They threw themselves a birthday party, and invited all the other supermarkets along for the ride.

If you weren’t invited, don’t worry – neither were we. 

But there’s still plenty we can all learn. Here are three key things:

1 – Behind all of the other brands in your space there’s a Social Media Manager who’s trying to do the same thing you are: entertain and engage and audience. 

And I guarantee if you come up with a fun, funny way to do it that they can get involved with – they’ll be with you in a flash. 

2 – Self-deprecating humour is ALWAYS a great move

This all began because Aldi started trolling themselves by posting about their 30th birthday, but always doing so alongside the hashtag #NoOneCares.

Even Co-Op – sadly uninvited – used some self-deprecation to get in on the act.

Can you imagine any of this having happened if Aldi had kicked things off with a tweet about how awesome they were? Hell no.

3 – You’re never less than three feet away from a brand-safe joke

Writing jokes isn’t hard. Jokes are just two things that shouldn’t fit together, smashed together, with a perfectly placed twist in between – and in this scenario, the ingredients you need to make us laugh are right at your fingertips.

Take something the supermarket is known for, and something that might happen at a 30th birthday party – smash the two together – and boom, you’ve got yourself a joke.

Want to make sure your brand gets invited the next time someone else throws an imaginary party?

Or – even better – want to throw an imaginary party of your own?

Entertaining, engaging and selling on social is WAY easier when you’ve got a hive-mind of TV’s Best Comedy Writers living in your back pocket.

Ready to up your game on social?

Let’s chat:

Adam Hunt

Adam Hunt

Advertising Creative, Copywriter, TV Producer, Comedy Writer and the Founder and Creative Director of White Label Comedy

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