Reading the ‘room’ on social platforms

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Amy: “Derrick, why are you wearing a billboard to a party? You haven’t been learning ‘alternative pickup techniques’ off Reddit again, have you??”

Derrick: “Oh hey there, Amy.

I’m just ensuring everyone knows who I am and what interests me.

Look, I made a nice list of subjects to talk about.”


I’m sure you think this could never happen.

But on social media – which is essentially a big online party complete with plenty of Derricks, Amys and yes – I see brands doing this all the time.

“Welcome to crazy Eddie’s house of windows.

We’ve got big windows, small windows, and some windows that you can’t see out of at all…

What kind of windows do you want to buy?”

Yeh, good luck with that, Eddie.

Enjoy your negative 12 engagements (that’s when even Eddie’s 10 siblings AND both parents refuse to hit the like button).

Plenty of brands step into the online content party with the best intentions.

But they don’t quite get the vibe of the room.

Their content is dull and clearly self-serving, so they get no engagement.

If instead, crazy Eddie dropped the sales spiel and provided his audience with something they ACTUALLY want…

Genuine entertainment (that just so happens to tangentially relate to windows and his audience’s need for them)…

He’d start to see some real engagement.

It would spark comments.

It would get people inadvertently thinking about buying his windows.

And maybe he’d even get his family back on side.

If you’re thinking, ‘yeah, that’s nice for Eddie, but I can’t create entertaining content’.

I’ve got a paint-by-numbers solution for you.

Brands Against Mundanity Monthly.

Every month my team of top comedy writers send you 31 new fill-in-the-blank joke templates so you can fill your socials with laugh-out-loud content.

They come with dead simple instructions on how to fill them in…

And examples from real-world brands to inspire you too.

Not only that – they’re topical. So you can ALWAYS crack jokes about whatever your audience cares about on any given day.

You’ll be able to fill an entire month of content for your socials in minutes.

And right now, you can try out the first month for just $1!

But hurry, this offer ends at the end of August.

Grab your $1 trial here:

Adam Hunt

Adam Hunt

Advertising Creative, Copywriter, TV Producer, Comedy Writer and the Founder and Creative Director of White Label Comedy

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