What to do when your posts aren’t getting ANY engagement

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Zane hits his fist on the desk…

…slams his laptop closed…

And stomps out of the office.

Mark: “Jill, what’s up with Zane?”

Jill: “His social posts aren’t getting any likes.”

Mark: “But I thought we’d decided to give away all our best advice for free?!”

Jill: “We have, but it’s not working.”

Mark: “Oh… that’s awkward.”

Jill pulls out a box from her bag.

“This will solve all Zane’s troubles,” she says.

She places a little card on the box that says:

“Fill in the blanks and watch the magic happen.”

Mark: “I don’t think tickets to a magic show will help…

Besides, remember how upset HR got when Zane tried to pull Sally out of a hat at the Christmas party?”

Jill: “It’s not tickets to a show, you dummy.

It’s a secret weapon for better social content.

He fills in these joke templates and gets more engagement than he’s ever seen.”

Mark: “You know anyone will see right through this story, right? It’s obviously a weird, last ditch attempt to pitch Brands Against Mundanity.”

Jill: “Shh, stay in character; you’re going to break the 4th wall and ruin everything. Commit to the bit!”

Mark: “Fine, then I guess you’ll want me to ask… what do they does Zane have to do?

Jill: “I’m glad you asked, Mark. He just has to take out the $1 trial, and he’ll get…

An exclusive monthly delivery of 31 hilariously topical, fill-in-the-blanks social media templates – sent straight to his inbox.

Each set of these never-before-seen joke templates is precision-crafted by a team of A-List TV Comedy Writers – and includes an EXPLOSIVE mix of:

Text Jokes…Graph Gags… And Meme-Maker formats…

…so, Zane will NEVER run out of inspiration for his social media posts, ever again.”

Mark: “Smooth Jill, totally natural.”

Jill: “Thanks. I’m thinking of writing a one-woman show and taking it to Edinburgh next year actually…

The details are here:


Mark: “I thought they were in a box on Zane’s desk?”

Jill: “Quiet you”.

And that’s all, folks!

Characters in order of appearance:
Zane – played by Adam.
Mark – played by Adam
Jill – played by.. er.. Adam

Adam Hunt

Adam Hunt

Advertising Creative, Copywriter, TV Producer, Comedy Writer and the Founder and Creative Director of White Label Comedy

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