The key to dominating social media with a small following

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At this stage, it’s almost funny seeing people worry about their follower count. 

As if it has any impact on the results you can get from social media. 

I understand where the idea comes from, though. 

It’s because it did matter, once upon a time…

Social media platforms didn’t have that much content in the early days. So you’d see every post from everyone you followed, generally in chronological order.

“Oh look, my ex is out for brunch again. That brand I last bought from three years ago is having a sale. And Uncle Terry has another concerning rash…”   

But today, not only is there way too much content produced every day to do that. 

The social networks and their algorithms have proven that people will stay on the platform longer if they’re shown content they like, rather than just content from people they follow.

(That’ll be a big fat ‘no’ for Uncle Terry’s rash, then.)

So now they show the best content to anyone, regardless of whether they follow them or not. 

And ‘best’ is usually determined by engagement – how many likes, comments, and shares a piece of content gets.

(So actually, Uncle Terry could be back in the game – if the latest rash turns out to be, as Auntie Thelma suspects, of particular interest to the medical research community…)

That’s why you can get someone like Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, who have 8.75 million followers on Facebook get just a handful of engagements on each post.

While a small business with fewer than 30k followers can find themselves with 36x as much engagement (and that’s before you account for the difference in audience size).

This “small business” is one of our clients. 

And they’re not the only ones to take on a goliath and win. 

We’ve had clients in pretty much any niche you can imagine getting results like this.


All our most successful clients follow our Social Success Machine system… 

We create content that satisfies 4 key marketing objectives, and behind the scenes, they harness 4 essential marketing activities to ensure that content gets seen.

Previously, we only shared this system with our agency clients (paying $3k+ a month) and our Accelerator students (which costs $997).

But now, we’ve packaged the whole system into a blueprint and masterclass so businesses like yours can start getting better results from social media too. 

When we put this in the White Label Comedy store, it’s going to be on sale for $97.

But during this launch, we’re offering it to you at just $27. 

You can check out the details and secure the offer here:

Adam Hunt

Adam Hunt

Advertising Creative, Copywriter, TV Producer, Comedy Writer and the Founder and Creative Director of White Label Comedy

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