MOMA kept up with the Kardashians – and Won?

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Know what Kim Kardashian, The Museum of Modern Art and The Sims all have in common?

This time yesterday – nothing.

Today – everything.

Tone Deaf Kim K broke the internet yet again with this tweet.

And it became a meme literally overnight – with everyone who’s anyone using Kim’s words alongside a picture that gives those words their own spin.

We even had museums getting in on the act – with New York’s Museum of Modern Art, whose tweets normally get them a few hundred likes at best, netting 80,000 likes for their take on Kim’s tweet:

But MOMA earned more than just likes and retweets here.

As soon as a story like this breaks, journalists around the world instantly go hunting for brands, public figures and institutions who’ve “spoken out”, “piled in” or “jumped on board” a trend.

MOMA were one of the first to react – and for that, they earned tonnes of press coverage – they’re everywhere, from Buzzfeed to the BBC.

And their take isn’t even that funny.

Imagine if they had a hive-mind of TV’s best comedy writers living in their back pocket.

Imagine if you did.

You’d beat everyone else to the punch with a fun, funny, but brand-safe take on – well – on anything and everything.

And you might well pick up a fair bit of positive press on top of all those likes and retweets, too.

Worth thinking about, eh?





Adam Hunt

Adam Hunt

Advertising Creative, Copywriter, TV Producer, Comedy Writer and the Founder and Creative Director of White Label Comedy

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