It’s a joke. No, it’s a meme. No wait, it’s a sale

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Take a look at this:

On the surface, it’s just a joke about marketing. 

But if you dig deeper, it’s more than that.

It’s a work of genius to rival Dickens, Joyce and Austen combined.

It’s a coded message from my masters at the Church of Scientology??

It’s a joke about marketing that highlights a specific and relatable problem – that good CPCs are hard to achieve. 

If this post just said, “Struggling to get a good CPC?” it probably would have gotten zero engagement. 

(Same goes for “Hey, do you wanna join the Church of Scientology?”)

But framing it within a joke got us a boatload of likes, comments and shares. 

Helped us build an audience of people interested in improving their marketing efforts. 

And ultimately, it helped to bring us customers from social media.

(And yes – when we attached this creative to an Ad, it delivered us a satisfyingly low CPC. Thanks for asking!) 

This is how we approach every single joke we write. 

We don’t just write jokes for the sake of it. 

They’re laser-focused to grab the attention of your target customer.

To resonate with how they already think and feel. 

And ultimately help you sell your solutions to their problems. 

If you want our team of top comedy writers and A-list markets doing this for your business*…

*Or indeed your quasi-religious cult…

You can book a virtual coffee with the team and together, we’ll create a foolproof plan to inject more of the RIGHT kind of funny into your funnel… and send your sales through the roof!  

Book your chat here:

Adam Hunt

Adam Hunt

Advertising Creative, Copywriter, TV Producer, Comedy Writer and the Founder and Creative Director of White Label Comedy

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