LOTR made me a better content creator

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Some people think Lord Of The Rings is about power. 

Others say it’s about friendship. 

Personally, I think they’re about the importance of having a substantial cooked breakfast before you go hiking. 


More to the point.

Those 3 movies are like 9+ hours long, and the fans still wanted more.

So they made 9+ hours of Hobbit movies. 

But still, people wanted more.

Now a whole 8-part TV series – Rings of Power – is coming out. 

And once it’s over, I bet people will still be asking for more. 

Because people just can’t get enough of entertaining content.

(It’s a lot like a dangerously addictive magic mind-control ring in that regard.) 

The same is true on social media. 

Content doesn’t flop because it’s too long. 

Or too short.

Or even because there are too many dwarf singing sequences. 

When content fails to make an impact, it means it’s just not entertaining enough.

For example… 

One of our clients was struggling to get engagement. 

Their average post was seeing maybe 10-20 likes. 

But once our in-house team wrote some killer jokes to pump up their entertainment factor, they saw a 100x increase in engagement.  

They even inadvertently tested it. 

They posted one of their old-style pieces on the same day as one written by our top comedy writers.

Their old style got 9 likes – ouch. 

Whereas the new entertaining content crushed it and got 1,100 likes…241 shares…and 37 comments. 

Now THAT’S what I call An Unexpected Journey!*

*Yeah, I hate myself too.

If you’d like to have our team of A-list comedy writers create brand-safe jokes for your business, you can book a chat with one of the team.

We’ll discuss how we can strategically inject belly laughs into your marketing – to create lifelong fans…and supercharge your sales. 

(And if you like, we can also discuss my ideas for an immersive musical theatre extravaganza recounting the life and rhymes of Tom Bombadil…)

Book your chat here:


I’m off to eat a big breakfast then chuck a ring into a volcano. 

Adam Hunt

Adam Hunt

Advertising Creative, Copywriter, TV Producer, Comedy Writer and the Founder and Creative Director of White Label Comedy

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