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With reflexes faster than a mousetrap after a triple espresso, I STOMP the brake…

To avoid rear-ending the guy who just swerved right in front of me on a dual carriageway, only to immediately slow down. 

I promptly overtake him, only to pull in front and slow right down like the vindictive child that I am 

 “Luck you, brotherlucker!” …certainly rhymes with what I said.

 A second later, he’s back in the fast lane trying to get me again.

“Oh no you don’t”, I start to accelerate when…


Red light. 

We both hit the brakes.

We’re stopped. 


I can hear the filthy trap beats booming from his sub-woofer. He can hear the Hamilton soundtrack pounding from mine. 

My hands tighten around the steering wheel. 

My eyes fixed on the lights. 

Getting ready to smoke this fool. 

Then it hits me – this is exactly what brands that aren’t seeing results on social media do…

(Except they’re usually not doing it in a lime green 2010 Ford Ka.)

They spend so much time looking at what other brands are doing, they forget to focus on the road ahead. 

Sure, have a look around you – but never take your eyes off the road. 

In other words, stay aware of what your competition is doing, but never take your eyes off the customer.

Stare at them. Study them. Do your research…

You don’t have to know everything about them – but you need to study them closely enough to know what makes them tick…

And when you do this well, you’ll start to identify what we call their ‘Relatable Truths’. 

These are the sentiments, statements and strongly held beliefs that – when they see them represented out in the world – make them exclaim, “that’s so me!”

(Obviously at this point my arch nemesis had long since sped away and the cars behind were honking at me to quit inner-monologuing and move. But I didn’t care.)

Because once you start using Relatable Truths in your content, you’ll see more engagement than you ever imagined. 

It’s one of the main things we teach in The Social Success Machine Blueprint and Masterclass.

It’s one of the key ingredients you’ll add to our templates in Brands Against Mundanity Meme Maker Edition. 

And both are currently on a bundle offer. 

You can grab them both for less than the cost of a speeding ticket here:


P.S. My lawyers have urged me to clarify that the above account of dangerous driving is ‘a work of imaginative fiction’, as opposed to something that ‘definitely happened last Wednesday and was extremely cool, 100% would do again’. Just so we’re clear.

Adam Hunt

Adam Hunt

Advertising Creative, Copywriter, TV Producer, Comedy Writer and the Founder and Creative Director of White Label Comedy

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