Results the C-Suite can’t ignore

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We’ve all been there

You identify a change that – if made – could change the game for the company.

Everyone on the floor above identifies a never-ending list of reasons why we really should just stick with the status quo:

“It sounds like a lot of effort”

“We haven’t got the budget”

“We just can’t. But if I told you why, I’d have to kill you.”

“Look, a squirrel!

“New things are confusing and scary.”

“The boss is wanted in eight countries and can’t risk the media exposure.”

“Nothing is real. You’re in the Matrix.”

“Nigel wants everything to stay how it was when he joined in 1965 and we should respect that (don’t worry, he’s retiring in four years).”

“Look, ANOTHER squirrel!

Giving your brand a sense of humour helps build a human connection with your audience – but it might also fill those in the C-Suite with anxiety. 

Persuading your bosses to let you hire us is just as much an exercise in good marketing as persuading your customers to buy – and our new Pay As You Go Summer Content Packs are designed to help you with both.

We’ll give you 20, 40, 80 or 160 pieces of comedy content – without having to sign a rolling contract.

Our smallest Content Packs are so deliciously affordable, you could easily just consider them a Research and Development expense – commissioning us to generate the content that’s ready-to-post – but has actually been created to get buy-in from the top. 

The CEO is worried comedy might backfire. Your first set of posts will show her that all we’re really doing is finding fun, funny ways to express your brand message. If your brand’s not offensive, our content won’t be either.

The CFO is worried that outsourcing content when you’re already paying an in-house team is a waste of money. Your first set of posts will demonstrate the ROI of comedy content with numbers based in the real-world of your business. 

Plus the Pay-As-You-Go nature of the packages means you can use our content to bolster, not replace, that of the internal team.

Whatever their wants and needs, their worries and their tensions – we’ll work with you to make sure the content we deliver in this first pack sells the top brass on everything you’ve been telling them for years. 

And maybe – just maybe – they’ll finally step back and let you get on with it 🙂

Our summer Pay As You Go content packs will be going live next week – but they’ll be strictly limited – because there really are only so many jokes we can write each week.

To find out more, click here:

Adam Hunt

Adam Hunt

Advertising Creative, Copywriter, TV Producer, Comedy Writer and the Founder and Creative Director of White Label Comedy

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