Do you have anything to declare?

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It only takes a split second – and often it’s entirely subconscious – but there’s some pretty intense psychological shiz going on when someone decides to share your social media post.

See, they’re not just thinking: “This is funny, so I’m going to share it!”

They’re also thinking: “If I share this, what does it say about me?”

Obviously, they’re also thinking a million other thoughts, including “Is Adam from White Label Comedy reading my mind!? Get out! Get out!” – but frankly we’re not interested in those.

Now, I’ve written before about how nearly everyone wants to be perceived as funny – so they share funny posts on social media to cultivate that reputation. 

But the type of funny matters, too.

Let’s invade some other social media users’ inner-monologues to see what I mean…

“What’s the message of this joke? Does it make me look good?

“What will my mum and my boss and my ex-boyfriend all think about me if they see me share this joke?”

“Why are all my thoughts in italics today?”

Ok, you get the point – if you want your audience to share your content (you definitely do), you need to ensure it says something they’d be happy to declare about themselves.

Even better, it should say something they feel compelled to declare about themselves.

That’s why our new Brand and Audience Breakdown Method has, frankly, been the best thing about 2021 so far.

(Ok, so there hasn’t been much competition. But trust me, it would be a highlight of any year.)

We used to create comedy content that aligned with how our client wanted to be seen online.

Now, we still do that – but we use our new method to ensure that the content also aligns with how our client’s audience wants to be seen online.

And this means that their audience is much more likely to share it, en masse.

Remember: sharing is declaring.

So when you’re creating content this week, consider giving your audience something to declare.

And if you want to experience the new onboarding process (not to mention the results) for yourself, we can make that happen. Click here to book a discovery call:


Adam Hunt

Adam Hunt

Advertising Creative, Copywriter, TV Producer, Comedy Writer and the Founder and Creative Director of White Label Comedy

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