The world has changed, is your targeting still accurate?

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Facebook says relationships aren’t what they used to be.

For example – my girlfriend can never unsee ‘peak lockdown’ Adam, who showered every other other day and was chronically addicted to banana bread…

And according to a report from Meta (aka Facebook), the pandemic has led to PERMANENT SHIFTS in the way people communicate…

Including how they interact with brands like yours.

Check the stats:

25%. That’s how much people have increased their social media usage just to keep up with their favourite brands.

56%. That’s how many people are more likely to choose brands that provide them with new experiences online.

100%. That’s how much I’m craving banana bread right now.

You read that right. These changes to the ways your potential customers engage with brands? PERMANENT.

So we should probably not only get on board with them – but actively take advantage, right?

If you’ve ever been anything less than ecstatic with the state of your socials – this is your chance to turn it around.

This is the best time there has ever been to build a loyal community of followers, who can’t wait to engage with each and everything you post.

A golden opportunity to attract fierce fans who ultimately, inevitably and gladly become paying customers.

The pandemic was a pretty rubbish time for many businesses – but now there’s finally some good news.

So are you ready to cash in on the Great Relationship Revolution?

If you want to form a deeper (and ultimately far more profitable) connection with your audience…

If you want to provide the kind of digital experience that explodes your organic reach and turns people who’ve never heard of you into diehard fans…

And if you want to make sure your target customer is spending their extra social media time with you, rather than your competitors…

We should talk.

To book your free, no-strings virtual hangout with me – and learn how to build better relationships – click here.

(I’ll bring the banana bread.)

Adam Hunt

Adam Hunt

Advertising Creative, Copywriter, TV Producer, Comedy Writer and the Founder and Creative Director of White Label Comedy

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