Join The Hive-Mind

White Label Comedy offers Brands and TV shows on-demand access to a hive-mind of the UK’s best Comedy Writers and Advertising Creatives.

Interested in joining the fold? Here’s all the info you’ll need.

How We Work

If you’re a comedy creative with a keen eye for what makes brands funny – you’re exactly the kind of person we want in our hive-mind.

We work remotely (making it easy to collaborate with us alongside other writing jobs), and there’s never any commitment (just log in when you’ve got some free time, check out the latest briefs, and pitch your ideas and jokes to earn cold, hard cash).

Our virtual writers room can be accessed via an iPhone / Android App, a Desktop Application, or in a web browser.

When a new project lands, a brief is published. That brief will explicitly state the total writer’s fees available for the project, and on what basis those fees will be apportioned.

(Sometimes we carve up based on ideas / jokes chosen by the client, sometimes based on what’s presented to the client in a shortlist.) 

We keep our hive-mind relatively small – to ensure there’s always a decent fee available for those with the time to get involved. Larger projects may also involve minimum fees for our most experienced contributors.

We don’t ask for any commitment from our writers, nor do we insist they contribute to each and every project (although of course we love it when they do).

In order to retain the very best talent, we make our process as simple as possible – so it’s easy to collaborate on White Label projects remotely alongside other commitments.

Join Us

We’re always happy to hear from Comedy Creatives who like the sound of what we’re up to, and are interested in working with us.

If you’re a Comedy Writer with at least one TV / Radio credit, or an Advertising Creative with comedy content in your portfolio – fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch as and when an appropriate opportunity arises.