Social Media Marketing

used to be easy

You build an audience, broadcast your message, and (if that message is effective) it builds your brand and moves that audience to action.

But consumers are so much more savvy than they used to be. Constantly bombarded by messages – it’s harder than ever for brands to break through.

We’re used to having people try and sell us stuff. Our guard stays up, unless you find a way to bring it down.

And thanks to increasingly mercenary algorithms – unless you’re posting content that people are motivated to engage with, and share – you’re often lucky if you reach as much as 1% of the audience you’ve put so much time and money into building.

Over 3.3M Facebook Fans

19 Comments, 13 Shares, 36 Likes

Over 1M Twitter Followers

0 Comments, 6 Retweets, 24 Likes

Almost 22.5M Facebook Fans

12 Comments, 2 Shares, 21 Likes

Most accept the status quo

Paying more and more money, for less and less engagement – convinced these platforms are now entirely pay-for-play, and there’s no other way to reach your audience.

Winners think outside the box

Creating content that people don’t just engage with, but actively seek out – which gives organic reach a massive boost, and brings down the cost of paid-reach exponentially.

Comedy Content travels further, engages audiences, makes them love your brand, and gets them ready to buy

People don’t want to buy from faceless brands waving coupons, vouchers and deals. They want to buy from brands with personality. Brands they feel an affinity to. A connection with. 

Imagine a world where not only have you got your sales message hidden just far enough below the surface that our guard stays down and we stay receptive – the content goes viral

Massive Amplification

Case Study: BauBax Travel Jackets

Same product, same features - the funny Ad got 93x the reach

BauBax makes a “Travel Jacket” packed full of genuinely impressive features. 25 at the most recent count – including not just pockets for everything imaginable, but an in-built eye-mask and neck pillow, a bottle opener and more.

In November 2018, they released a half decent advert showcasing BauBax 2.0 – their most recently updated jacket. It got a fairly impressive 134,000 views on YouTube.

In November 2019, they released another advert. In its first month online alone, it got over 12.5 million views. That’s 93x the reach of the original Ad.

It showcased the exact same 25 features. And sure, it was a little glossier – they’ve clearly been able to put more money on screen – but that’s not the reason it travelled so far and wide. That reason is easy to identify: it was funny.

BauBax have proven that comedy converts

Introducing White label Comedy

A hive-mind of the UK’s best Comedy Writers, TV Producers and Advertising Creatives collaborating remotely – on-demand –  to boost brands. Working via Ad Agencies, and also direct to brand – we craft deliciously funny branded content that engages audiences and makes them fall head over heels in love with you (and whatever product or service you’re selling).

Work With Us

How it works

Wondering what life might be like with a hive-mind of Comedy Creatives helping your brand entertain, engage and sell on Social Media? Well – you’ve found the right page. We’re about to step you through exactly how it works.

Step One - Brand Sense of Humour Audit

When we see brands getting comedy “wrong” on social media – it’s often because they’ve jumped the gun. They’re already trying to crack jokes before they’ve put any work into deciding what messaging those jokes need to convey.

The first thing we do when working with any new client is compile a detailed dossier covering everything there is to know about your brand, your products, your key messaging and your target audience.

We then identify angles on each of the above that present opportunities for different kinds (and tones) of humour.

If you want, we can even generate sample tweets to show you how these ideas would play out in practice – presented in a glossy PDF that’s boardroom-ready, so you can identify the jokes you would / wouldn’t love to see representing your brand online. Your choices then guide our creation of a final “Brand Sense of Humour” strategy, used to steer our work going forwards.

Step Two - Meet your Creative Lead

When our hive-mind gets to work, there’s magic in the air – 30 comedy creatives all pulling in the same direction to generate fun, funny, entertaining ideas that will amplify your message on social.

Great ideas come quick and fast. The best ideas snowball. The process happens in real-time, via our online writers room. It’s a beautiful kind of chaos.

When you sign on as a client, you’ll be assigned a White Label Creative Lead – a writer whose job it is to become an expert on you, your brand, your products and your audience. 

They’ll be your day to day contact – keeping on top of new messaging priorities as they emerge. 

And they’ll be right there in the trenches keeping the writer’s room on track – making sure that every single post we deliver is perfectly pitched for maximum impact.

Step Three - Choose your package

(Available Monthly or Pay As You Go)

Content Packs


  • 20 short-form posts


  • 40 short-form posts


  • 80 short-form posts


  • 160 short-form posts
Best Value

Reactive SOcial Packages

Once a Week

£ POA per month
  • 120 short-form posts per month
  • Reactive Content Delivered Weekly

Twice a Week

£ POA per month
  • 120 short-form posts per month
  • Reactive Content Delivered Twice Weekly
  • Includes 20 custom Photoshops per month

Daily Delivery

£ POA per month
  • 120 short-form posts per month
  • Reactive Content Delivered 5 days a Week
  • Reactive Content can include Customer Service responses if requested.
  • Includes 60 custom Photoshops per month
  • Includes dedicated "Creative Lead" - a senior writer who lives and breathes your brand day in, day out, in order to identify each and every opportunity for great content.

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Step Four - Choose any added extras

Get 20% off the rate-card price on all of our other services by adding them to your monthly package. Any services paid for but not commissioned can be rolled over each month.

Content Marketing

content marketing

We get it. We’ve all been there. You got a little too obsessed with SEO, you churned out a load of content that persuaded Google to send people your way, and now you’re stuck – because the second they hit the page, they bounce. With comedy content written by our talented team, you’ll give them a reason to stay on the page – and an even bigger reason to share your content, and with it, your message.

Funny Facebook ads

Funny Ads travel further, at a fraction of the price. They’re more effective when they arrive, too. But Comedy’s hard to get right, right? Not with us in your corner it’s not. We all already A/B test an Ad’s offer, headline, copy, image and landing page until we’re sure they chime perfectly with our target audience – now we’re going to use the exact same process to find your BSOH (Brand Sense of Humour).

Scripted Content

Writing a script that’s funny is one thing. Making sure it delivers your key messaging at the same time is another. Our unique process means the hive-mind can do just that – and in record time.

Presentation Punch-Ups

If you think comedy can help win over your customers, just think how big an impact it can have on your colleagues, and the rest of the industry. Let the hive-mind add a layer of light-touch humour to your next presentation, and you won’t just make your audience laugh – you’ll make them love you.

Step Five - Sit back and enjoy

The stage is set, and now you get to sit back and watch the fun, funny, content roll out – and the engagement and love roll in.

Daily Delivery Package clients can have us schedule and post content for them. You’ll have a chance to approve (and edit) every post before it goes live – and can add new campaigns and messaging priorities any time via your Creative Lead.

The "Fixed By" Feed

The best of our Simulated Twitter Takeovers

We offer our clients the opportunity to have us work for them in secret – they get to literally “White Label” our content as their own. 

So how do we show prospective clients how great our work is? Simple. We take over the timelines of brands who haven’t yet hired us, and we fix their content, in a (simulated) Twitter Takeover.

These brands haven’t yet hired the hive-mind. If they did, it might look a bit like this.

Dead Man’s Fingers Rum @deadmansfingers
Our Coffee Rum was inspired by the latest science on hangover prevention:

You won’t wake up with a hangover if you never go to sleep.

Pret @Pret
Make your Zoom meeting feel like the real thing by ordering a Pret platter and muting your boss.


Ginsters @therealginsters
Everyone thinks pasties were invented for the mines, but that’s a spelling mistake.

(Did you never wonder why those guys were so quiet?!)

Ginsters @therealginsters
The boss just told me off for delivering this week’s social media report late. But hey – at least the edges were perfectly crimped.

George At Asda @Georgeatasda
Give your social Zoom calls that ‘British summer’ feel by dropping a few wasps in your drink.

FutureLearn @FutureLearn
True or False: Richard III died in 1485 when he fell asleep in a half-finished car park and woke up to find he’d been paved over.

George At Asda @Georgeatasda
Choosing the right suit can impact your success at work — just ask any scuba diver.

Dead Man’s Fingers Rum @deadmansfingers

We used to love chanting this in the office, but apparently it offends the Tech guys.

FutureLearn @FutureLearn 
However long this lockdown lasts, we’ll all come out of it stronger. It’s up to you exactly how.

FutureLearn @FutureLearn
We had an English for Beginners student who was really upset because they couldn’t give an example of a homophone. “There, their”, we said.

Sure UK & Ireland @Sure
The Dark (K)night Sweats


Sure UK & Ireland @Sure
King Pong


Sure UK & Ireland @Sure
PS I Smell You


FutureLearn @FutureLearn
True or False: “Tape Measures for Beginners” is one of our most popular distance learning courses.

Conscious Solutions @conscioussol
If you let lawyers design their own website, it’d just be a “No comments” section. 

Ginsters @therealginsters
The biggest Cornish pasty ever made weighed 860 kilos and contained 1.75 million calories. The seagull that swooped down to steal it was the size of an Airbus A380.

Step Six - Monthly Review

Crafting comedy that sells is part art, part science – and we take both sides of that equation seriously. Each month we’ll gather up the data, and prepare a report detailing the posts that did / didn’t succeed.

We’ll crunch the numbers, and use them to peer inside your audience’s mind – learning more and more about what makes them tick, and what moves them to action – so that we can double down on our successes and make each month bigger, bolder and more effective than the last.

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