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Entertainment is everything

Would better show names and more entertaining pitches = more commissions?

Would a funnier VO script = higher ratings and more awards?

Comedy used to be too expensive

When you’re paying writers more in a day than your Producers make in a week – “funny” is something only the biggest budget shows can ever afford. 

High volume factual and fact-ent? Unless you luck out and book an Edit Producer with comedy chops – no chance.

Now there's another way

White Label Comedy is a creative agency powered by a hive-mind of the UK’s best Comedy Writers, TV Producers and Advertising Creatives.

Collaborating on-demand to deliver the humour you need, at a fraction of the price.


White Label Comedy

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Are they REALLY the UK's best?

Ok, ok – so we’re all prone to a bit of hyperbole. Just to prove it’s not misplaced – here are a selection of the TV and Radio shows our regular writers have written for outside of White Label:

Between us, we’ve written for everyone from Graham Norton and Sue Perkins to Jon Richardson, Al Murray, Judy Murray, Dermot O’Leary and even Professor Stephen Hawking.

Why The Hive-Mind is DIFFERENT

You'll have the UK's BEST Comedy Writers in your back pocket

Between us, we’ve written for everyone from Graham Norton and Sue Perkins to Jon Richardson, Al Murray, Dermot O’Leary and even Professor Stephen Hawking. We’ve got a BAFTA-winner in our midsts, too.

30 heads are always better than one

We generate comedy content like the Americans write sitcoms – together. A hive-mind of 30 different angles, perspectives and sensibilities – collaborating remotely delivering comedy gold that’s laser-focused to appeal to your audience.

WE collaborate at speed

Our unique collaborative process makes us faster, funnier and more cost-effective than any single writer working alone.

And we do it cost-effectively

Yep – that’s right – so important we’re mentioning it twice. Work with our 30-strong hive-mind to generate content, and it’ll cost you much less than it would to hire a single comedy writer for the same project.

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Our Services

TV Show Titles

You already know your show is awesome - but it needs a title that will grab a commissioner's attention. We can help.

Pitch-doc punch-ups

Stop just telling commissioners your show will be funny - and show them instead, with a pitch doc that lives up to the content you're offering.

Entertaining VT Ideas

Need to find new ways to tell an old story? Entertaining ways to make factual content engaging? Want your VTs to be a cut above? We'll generate a whole load of fun, funny top-line ideas for you to choose from.

VT Shooting Scripts

Hire a comedy writer, and get a half-decent almost-funny script. Hire a hive-mind and you'll be able to turn your viewers into raving fans.

Need a shooting script for a VT that’s actually going to keep people tuned in? You send us the factual content, we’ll piece it together with humour that's pitched perfectly towards your audience.

Script Punch-ups

Why hire one comedy writer to punch up that script, when you can use the combined power of over 30 comedy creatives instead?

Got a script on your desk that you’re just not loving? Let us help you knock it into shape. We’ll share your script with the hive-mind – who’ll break it down section by section, line by line, offering up suggested punch-ups and improvements.