BSOH (Brand Sense of Humour) A/B Testing Kit

Your data-driven route to a laser-focused Brand Sense of Humour, and more engaging, effective Ads

(only 3 Available per month)


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Marketing used to be Easy

But consumers are so much more savvy than they used to be. Constantly bombarded by messages – it’s harder than ever for brands to break through 

We’re used to having people try and sell us stuff. We’re savvy. Our guard stays up, unless you find a way to bring it down.

Losers will stick to the old ways

Paying more and more money, for less and less engagement.

Winners will Adapt

Creating content that people don’t just engage with, but actively seek out.

Case Study: BauBax Travel Jackets

BauBax makes a “Travel Jacket” packed full of genuinely impressive features. 25 at the most recent count – including not just pockets for everything imaginable, but an in-built eye-mask and neck pillow, a bottle opener and more.

In November 2018, they released a half decent advert showcasing BauBax 2.0 – their most recently updated jacket. It got a fairly impressive 134,000 views on YouTube.

In November 2019, they released another advert. At the time of writing, it’s only been online for a month – and it’s already had over 12.5 million views.

It showcased the exact same 25 features. And sure, it was a little glossier – they’ve clearly been able to put more money on screen – but that’s not the reason it travelled so far and wide. That reason is easy to identify: comedy.

Comedy Content engages audiences, makes them love your brand, and gets them ready to buy

People don’t want to buy from faceless brands waving coupons, vouchers and deals. They want to buy from brands with personality. Brands they feel an affinity to. A connection with. 

Imagine a world where not only have you got your sales message hidden just far enough below the surface that our guard stays down and we stay receptive – the content goes viral.

Massive amplification.

That's the world we want to help you build

Comedy That Converts

In just 6 weeks

Week One - Research

We'll take a deep-dive into the shared psyche of your target audience - pulling together a report that details their loves, their hates, their shared references and their collective world view.

Week Two - Concept Testing

You'll choose an existing Facebook Ad for us to improve upon. We'll provide you with three different humour-led concepts (Headline + Copy + Image) to test against the original Ad.

Week Three - Copy Testing

We'll take the winning Ad from Week Two, and provide two alternate versions of the copy - each using a different kind of humour to deliver the same message. You'll test all three side by side.

Week Four - Image Testing

We'll take our winning Ad from Week Three, and provide two alternate images. Again, you'll test all three side by side to choose Ad progresses to the next stage.

Week Five - Headline Testing

The final element of any Ad to test is the headline - and again, we'll give you two alternatives to test alongside last week's winning Ad - so that your final Ad packs as big a punch as possible.

Week Six - Review

Whether your goal was a higher CTR, a lower CPM, stronger engagement and organic reach or just a good old fashioned sales uplift - we'll review our gains, and give you a final report detailing what we've learnt about the kind of humour that does (and doesn't) work for your target audience.

Strictly limited to one per client

Only 3 available each month


Got questions? Let's Talk.

Book a slot in my calendar, and let's jump on a call

White Label Comedy

Who We Are

A hive-mind of the UK’s best Comedy Writers, TV Producers and Advertising Creatives collaborating remotely – on-demand –  to boost your brand.

Are they REALLY the UK's best?

Ok, ok – so we’re all prone to a bit of hyperbole. Just to prove it’s not misplaced – here are a selection of the TV and Radio shows our guys write for when they’re not writing for you.

Between us, we’ve written for everyone from Graham Norton and Sue Perkins to Jon Richardson, Al Murray, Judy Murray, Dermot O’Leary and even Professor Stephen Hawking.

Nice things our clients say

Why The Hive-Mind is DIFFERENT

You'll have the UK's BEST Comedy Writers working to boost your brand

Between us, we’ve written for everyone from Graham Norton and Sue Perkins to Jon Richardson, Al Murray, Dermot O’Leary and even Professor Stephen Hawking. We’ve got a BAFTA-winner in our midsts, too.

30 heads are always better than one

We generate comedy content like the Americans write sitcoms – together. A hive-mind of 30 different angles, perspectives and sensibilities – collaborating remotely delivering comedy gold that’s laser-focused to appeal to your audience.

WE collaborate at speed

Our unique collaborative process makes us faster, funnier and more cost-effective than any single writer working alone.

And we do it cost-effectively

Yep – that’s right – so important we’re mentioning it twice. Work with our 30-strong hive-mind to generate content, and it’ll cost you much less than it would to hire a single comedy writer for the same project.

BSOH (Brand Sense of Humour) A/B Testing Kit

Got questions? Let's Talk.

Book a slot in my calendar, and let's jump on a call

See that hive-mind right there? Those 30 people – a mix of comedy writers, copywriters and advertising creatives – they’re the reason we can flat-out guarantee  that we’ll make your next Facebook Ad funnier – and more effective – than any single writer working alone.

And I'd love to jump on a call and talk about how we can make that happen