White Label Comedy

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Combining marketing and comedy is 50% art, and 50% science. The art, you have to get good at over time – there’s no substitute for experience. But the science? Well that, we can teach.

Arm yourself with our easy-to-follow four step method that identifies similarities and differences between your brand and anything else in the world (a news story, a relatable truth, or even a rival brand) and then turns those similarities and differences into jokes your audience will go crazy for.

You already know you need to entertain and engage your audience before asking for the sale – but great ideas aren’t always easy to come by. At least they weren’t, until you grabbed your free copy of handy guide.

How to entertain and engage your audience - selling by stealth

We break down the optimal social media marketing mix into easy to follow categories – and then show you how comedy content can help. We’ll even give you a free weekly comedy content calendar so you can hit the ground running.

From Brand Message to Comedy Content

We show you how big brands like Amazon, Lego, Specsavers and Deliveroo reliably turn their brand message into fun, funny ideas while reducing the likelihood that their funny adverts and comedy content will backfire.