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How to use Comedy Content to


Without risking your brand's reputation

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Our comedy writers have written for these award-winning shows.

Learn their methods, and help your brand entertain, engage and sell

In this free training we'll uncover:

The one thing all social platforms value over and above Ad Revenue

And how you can use it to your advantage, give your own audience what they want, boost your organic reach, and get a better deal on paid reach too.

It used to be so much easier for brands on social. We’ll walk you through the birth of the dreaded algorithms, what those algorithms are actually trying to achieve, and what that means for you and your brand today.

The Psychology of Comedy

And why it has such a profound effect on how much your audience know, like and trust your brand.

You already know that comedy content is entertaining and engaging – but there’s so much more to it than that. 

  • Find out why it is that comedy gets your audience talking.
  • Discover how comedy can help you sell without ever actually “selling”.
  • Understand why a good sense of humour makes us like brands so much more.
  • See how comedy can help you take a stand on the issues that matter to your audience – safely.
  • Learn how the comedians lens lets you look at stale content with fresh eyes.
  • And find out how you can use comedy content to turn your followers into influencers – but ones who’ll happily spread your message free of charge.

The White Label Comedy BSOH (Brand Sense of Humour) Breakdown Matrix

The foolproof way to break down ANY BRAND and its audience into the ingredients you need to write jokes that have ZERO chance of backfiring.

The "Constructed Contrasts" Joke Writing Method

A super simple technique for turning those ingredients into jokes that entertain, engage and sell – so simple ANYONE can follow it.

Combining marketing and comedy is 50% art, and 50% science. The art, you have to get good at over time – there’s no substitute for experience. But the science? Well that, we can teach.

Arm yourself with our easy-to-follow four-step method that identifies similarities and differences between your brand and anything else in the world (a news story, a relatable truth, or even a rival brand) and then turns those similarities and differences into jokes your audience will go crazy for.

In just 60 minutes time you'll be ready to entertain, engage and sell on social

Our comedy writers have crafted jokes for Graham Norton, Sue Perkins, Jon Richardson, Al Murray, Judy Murray, Dermot O’Leary and even Professor Stephen Hawking. Today they’ll teach you how to write jokes that paint your brand as the hero, and that your audience will adore.

How to use Comedy Content to


Without risking your brand's reputation