The 100 most successful social media accounts

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In the early days of White Label Comedy, we had our fair share of viral success on social media.

And our clients were seeing more engagement on their socials than they had in a long time.

But we had a bit of an issue…

(Firstly – I’d connected my FitBit to our Facebook page, and now everyone knew I’d only taken 17 steps yesterday. Note to self: I really need to move the coffee machine into the office. But also – more importantly…)

Sure, some clients were seeing a 5x, 10x or even (in one case) 100x improvement in their engagement – but not every client.

And that lack of consistency bugged me.

It wasn’t enough to have success on social; I had to know exactly why these particular posts worked so well for those specific clients.

Firstly, so we could produce more reliable results.

And secondly, so we teach people how to get those results for themselves.

To do that, I needed to do some analysis. Not just of our top performing accounts but also the top performing accounts anywhere.

So I scoured the internet to identify over 100 of the world’s most entertaining and engaging social media accounts.

(Actually, that’s not strictly true. First, I drank a cup of coffee bigger than an Olympic swimming pool.)

Then I judged each brand against these key performance indicators:

  1. Consistent and exceptional growth. Having a viral moment is nice, but to repeatedly outperforming your competitors is what we want. I searched for brands that were disrupting their niche and getting outsized returns when compared to their competitors.
  2. Brand Mentions. How often is the brand tagged by customers, fans and new discoverers?
  3. Audience Sentiment. AKA is audience interaction overwhelmingly positive or negative?

I knew these are the metrics that matter when it comes to building an army of raving mega-fans. Which is why I dug deep into the brands that were crushing it across all of these indicators.

Next, I collated 1,000s of social posts from my hand-selected leaderboard of top-performing accounts.

And I studied them until my eyes bled. (Must go see a doctor and/or exorcist about that…)

I was looking to answer these crucial questions about social media success:

Were there specific tactics and strategies that consistently generated the MOST likes, comments, shares and sales?

✅ Did these engagement-driving methods apply across all niches?

✅ And could I turn these strategies into a repeatable, easy-to-replicate roadmap that anyone can follow?

After endless months of gathering and analysing thousands of social posts from 100+ brands – a super simple system began to emerge from the haze of social media confusion.

That’s because, whether the brands knew it or not, successfully driving engagement on social media boiled down to…

4 activities…

And 4 specific types of posts.

We’ve since packaged them all up into a system I call our “Social Success Machine”

And you can grab your copy here:

Adam Hunt

Adam Hunt

Advertising Creative, Copywriter, TV Producer, Comedy Writer and the Founder and Creative Director of White Label Comedy

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