Strangest business model ever?

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We’ve worked with some pretty niche businesses, but this is next level…

Stephanie Matto made her fortune selling jars of farts. You can scoff (or, you know, gag and rush to open a window), but she was making $38k per week.

Sadly for Steph, it all came crashing down when she started experiencing heart problems.

(Turns out that’s what happens when you use your body as a commercial flatulence factory.)

So she was forced to pivot.

The natural follow-up business?

Selling her boob sweat.

Clearly, those empty jars in her garage needed filling with something – and you don’t make $5k a day selling homemade jam.

According to my cursory research for this email, she now spends her days sitting in the sun and “dripping like a maple tree”.

“This is all extremely weird, Adam. What’s your point?”

First off – don’t worry. I’m not trying to sell you a jar of my farts, sweat, or even my delicious damson jam.

But when I first saw this story, I saw a clear lesson for all of us.

Because whether or not we personally ‘get’ it (it’s a “no thanks” from me, by the way), we’ve got to acknowledge that Stephanie Matto has found her niche.

She’s making good money selling a premium product to a very specific audience.

And how has she managed that?

Simple. She truly understands that audience.

She’s done her research (one way or another) and uncovered her target customer’s secret desires.

These secret desires impact every part of her business – from the products themselves to the way she markets them. She offers to fulfil those secret desires, and it’s a huge part of why she’s so successful.

(Though equal credit must go to her prolific sweat glands, of course…)

Your audience has secret desires too.

So if you aspire to send your socials through the roof, expand your audience, and make thousands in sales, every day?

You’re going to need to identify those desires – and build your offers and content around them.

I won’t lie. It’s no easy task.

At least – it didn’t used to be.

But we’ve dropped a new training – and it’s going to make this a doddle for you.

It’s your quick start guide to getting to know your audience, and leveraging that knowledge to achieve Social Success.

And the best bit? It’ll cost less than a bag of empty jars.

Just click here for details of how to make it yours!

Anyway, I’m off. This boy’s got jam to make.

Adam Hunt

Adam Hunt

Advertising Creative, Copywriter, TV Producer, Comedy Writer and the Founder and Creative Director of White Label Comedy

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